Branding for Berrynaked

Expecting your first child – and each addition to your family thereafter – is an exciting time! There are so many things to learn, everything from which diapers and wipes work best to the most creative and stimulating toys, to the safest car seats...this list could go on and on! A huge consideration to take into account is making sure what goes into their little bodies is nutritious and delicious. There’s no way you’ll want any toxins getting anywhere near that precious mouth only to make its way into your baby’s delicate system. With tools on the market such as the Baby Bullet and Nuby blender (just to name a couple) creating tasty concoctions at home is a cinch!

Berrynaked chose to take advantage of the many benefits of a vinyl wrap – they had their Mercedes GL450 and BMW X5 partially wrapped to show off their business with a very subtle, minimalistic design.

Now…we’d like to introduce to you a Mommy who took the idea of making her own purées to the next level and created an awesome business! Meet Heather…

After giving birth to her first daughter, who is now 6, Heather made the choice to put her consulting job on hold for another full-time job…becoming a stay-at-home mom. She, like many new moms, became passionate about nutrition and began making her own purées as a way to broaden her daughter’s vegetable and fruit palette. She felt much better about making her own as opposed to buying pre-packaged purées because she knew exactly what was going in each batch. Eventually, as her daughter grew out of baby food and into eating solids Heather felt the next step would be to turn her purées into tasty treats. Popsicles became a big hit with her family in no time and doubled as a great, healthy dessert alternative…this got Heather to thinking…

Fast forward a few years to 2014 and you’ll find the official incorporation of Berrynaked by none other than Heather (with the help of her husband Gavin and inspiration from her two daughters - now 6 and 2). Together, with many friends’ encouragement they chose to take the leap and make Heather’s passion a career. They have been fortunate to build a team that includes several of their oldest friends and business partners, making an incredibly talented group both Heather and Gavin are proud to work with. Be sure to visit their shop at Inwood Village (5560 W Lovers Lane, Ste 251, Dallas, TX 75209) to say hello while enjoying one of their custom creations! You may even catch Heather in the kitchen experimenting and creating new pops and purée flavors.

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December 2, 2015