Boosting Productivity with A1 Image

In today’s technologically advanced age many people are finding it less and less appealing to make the drive to the office, especially when so many others are being offered the option of telecommuting. For those offices that aren’t able to offer telecommuting for their employees, there are many ways to boost productivity and overall excitement to be there. Making these minor changes can produce some major results.

1. Become a Techie

Keeping up with current office equipment and software can help tremendously with productivity. Ever gone to the copy machine only to find it jammed or otherwise malfunctioning? Or how about the printer is out of ink…again…or has decided it just doesn’t feel like working today (too bad we can’t just “malfunction” to get out of work too). Being a techie – not to be confused with a trekkie – doesn’t mean you have to nerd out over all the latest gadgets if that’s not your thing.

The partial wrap on this Scion xB covers approximately half of the vehicle and was custom-designed to serve as a professional “mobile” representation of A1 Image. This is a great way to gain unlimited exposure to potential clients.

Hiring professional techies to keep your office equipment up to date is super easy. A great office management solution company to contact is A1 Image. They offer full-service management and support – everything from equipment sales, document management and supplies to a dedicated IT department for making sure your units are completely networked and up to date with the latest firmware and software available – as well as trouble-shooting any issues you may inevitably encounter. Another bonus with their company? Unlike most of their competitors, their service department is open on Saturdays – super handy for those offices that don’t close for the weekend.

A1 Image services all major industries – government, corporate, education, healthcare, hospitality and churches. 

Full wrap on the box of this truck features a custom design to match the previously wrapped Scions using Avery Dennison vinyl wrap material.

2. Ergonomics

Are you noticing employees constantly fidgeting or getting up to roam around? Constant roaming and time away from the desk very well may be result of poor ergonomics – that is to say improperly adjusted seating/working arrangements. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand employees will not be productive if they’re not comfortable.

Seriously…all this one takes is about five minutes to fix. When adjusting a workspace, focus mainly on the heights of the desk chair, desk and computer monitor so that thighs are parallel to the floor and upper arms are perpendicular to the floor. Wrists should be almost straight and you’ll want to ensure everything is within reach without straining muscles.

This may seem overly simplified but believe us…your no-longer-aching muscles will thank you.

3. Light Up Their Lives

Natural light is an absolute must for increased productivity, energy and creativity. Mother Nature’s light bulb – the sun – is a driving force for all living things and one of the easiest tools for boosting the energy of your office. We know it’s unrealistic to assume each employee’s office space is primed with windows to the outside world but taking advantage of those that are is super easy. It helps to ensure all windows and skylights are cleaned regularly to allow for maximum light intake and it definitely doesn’t hurt to have some greenery sprinkled in to spruce up the look of things.

For those with offices that just don’t allow for natural light, it’s best to go for indirect lighting – this type of lighting is more soothing and calming than the harshness of light than shines directly on an employee.

4. Sound Off

Noise levels can greatly affect productivity levels. There will always be debate on the topic of individual offices vs. open office plans but the bottom line is this…how often are you in the middle of a project when you’re suddenly distracted by either coworker chatter, music unsuited to your preferences or other random sounds? Too often! When you observe an open office plan, how many employees are sporting headphones to drown out the sounds of others? Pretty much all of them…

Having the best of both worlds can be simple – if your office is large enough it is best to create both individual work spaces for employees to have “sound privacy” but also offer a larger space to accommodate meetings and brainstorming sessions.

5. Ditch the Clutter

Most of us have been taught from an early age to keep our rooms clean – we hated it but looking back, a clean room allowed much more space to play (and mess it up all over again!) Similarly, keeping a clutter-free office allows one to focus not on the piles of paperwork that seem to continually grow but instead focus on being organized and productive.

Providing paperless solutions, such as scanning devices can greatly decrease the paper clutter but it doesn’t stop there. Clutter needs to be kept to a minimum on the workstation as well – consider adopting a file-naming/organizational system and sticking with it to avoid wasting time scrolling through endless documents looking for that special file you desperately need in five minutes for the big meeting.

No time to research devices? Take a peek at #1 on this list again for a great solution!

Enhancing and maintaining boosted levels of productivity can be a challenge for all businesses but with these 5 simple solutions you’ll be off to a great start. Want to know another industry “secret” for boosting productivity? Of course you do! Increasing your mobile marketing exposure – via custom vinyl wraps – ensures your ability to be noticed by potential clients. When your business is booming with clients in need, your employees naturally have more pep because they’re being kept busy. Take advantage of all the benefits a vinyl wrap has to offer, just like A1 Image has by calling Car Wrap City today.

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September 24, 2015