Bookings Increase for Sounds Good DJ Thanks to a Truck Wrap

The owner of Sounds Good Mobile DJ Service always dreamed of being a part of the entertainment business. At the young age of 15 he started in his bedroom with only a few lights and a guitar amp as a speaker. Throughout the years he learned to make deals for selling, trading and buying new equipment to refine his talents. At that time he had no idea in only a few short years he would be working events at Cowboys Stadium and other arenas!

While Evan’s talent plays a major role in his career, his savvy marketing choices have helped boost his business as well. Knowing how to get your name out there to potential clients is a big deal! You don’t want to just be another loud voice in a sea of screaming businesses. Instead, it’s important to make a statement that will draw in attention and hold it. Just like other businesses who have started small, Evan noticed how hard it was to catch the right attention and keep it. Business cards weren’t doing the trick for him so he made the decision to wrap his company truck. Check out what he had to say after having his wrap on for a while!

“Car Wrap City changed my life basically! Before it was hard to get my name out fast and not many people read business cards.

When I got my truck done last year, it really opened the door! We started booking more from people calling saying 'we just say your truck, what can you do'! By having the sponsors, it shows that we are helping out our local small or large businesses! When we park it at places people always look and sometimes take a picture! We are about done adding things to make it a show truck. Without Car Wrap City and all our sponsors we would probably still be small!! Sounds Good has booked our largest high school dances, events all over Texas, arena size events and many, many more to come in 2015!!


Sounds Good™ Mobile DJ Service
Owner/manager: Evan Fitzgerald”

Designer: Tatiana

So, what are you waiting for? Call, click or visit one of our locations today to get the ball rolling on your new mobile billboard!

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December 8, 2015