Beware of Car Wrap Scams

UPDATE - we called CBS 11's Cristin Severance for consumer justice, see the segment here.

Disclaimer: Car Wrap City does not pay you to add our logo or any other company branding to your vehicle. PLEASE, DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!

Car Wrap City would like to warn our customers in Dallas and beyond about a car wrap scam affecting our area. Unfortunately, car wrap scams are all too common. They have been around for years, but scammers are finding new tricks to make their offers look so real, you just might fall for it.

Here’s how it happens: You receive an email, text message or other form of communication asking you if you’d like to make some extra cash by having your car wrapped in a well-known brand logo (i.e., Samsung, Rockstar Energy Drink, etc.). The scammers pose behind well-known wrap companies in your area, making email addresses such as samsungautowrapsinc @ carwrapcity [dot] org. They share about the benefits of vehicle advertising, the simplicity of it, how you can participate and the cash you can gain from it. Sounds great, right? Wrong.

Once you’re hooked and respond to the scammer with your approval, your address and so on, you are sent a check for several thousand dollars (sometimes up to $3,000!!) and asked to deposit it into your bank account as soon as possible. They’ll ask you to keep some money for yourself (an upfront payment for you, allegedly), and wire the remaining cash to the graphic designer for the wrap and install. Once the wire has been made to cover the costs, your bank will likely have bounced the bogus check and you’ll be out a couple thousand dollars. Also at that time, you’ll notice that your friendly scammer will have gone missing and will not longer respond to your emails, calls or texts.

Scams can happen to anyone. Sometimes, the offer looks so real you’d think it’s too good to be true. We care about our customers and our community. Don’t trust these pesky scammers. And if you have fallen victim, here’s what to do next:

  • Do not respond further to any communication
  • Keep copies of all communication (text messages, emails, checks, transfers, letters, etc.)
  • Contact local law enforcement
January 6, 2017