An Ambulance Transformed into a Food Truck with a Wrap

This design for Allen Culinary Expressions covers all the meal bases and boy-oh-boy do they look delicious! Can you believe this vehicle was transformed into a culinary masterpiece after serving as an ambulance?

CityofAllen Ambulance SIDE.JPG

When you think about it, repurposing an ambulance into a catering food truck makes a lot of sense, especially if you plan to turn it into a mobile billboard by wrapping it! Designing a wrap for this type of vehicle may seem pretty easy at first glance, but once you sink your teeth in you'll realize there are several potential trouble spots.

It is incredibly important to keep in mind any breaks that may occur in the design. In this instance, each one of the compartments on the outside of the upcycled ambulance had to be considered when placing images to make sure door seams didn't skew the design. The in-house designer for Allen Culinary Expressions did an excellent job on design; only a few tweaks were made by a Car Wrap City designer to make the design transition smoothly into a printable work of art. And with that, the wrap was ready to be installed by Car Wrap City's certified installation team.

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Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner – and all snacks in-between, our wraps will have your taste buds tingling and your mouth watering in no time!

January 27, 2015