2013 Houston Grand Prix

Go big or go home…

Going big is exactly what Car Wrap City did when we teamed up with big name Avery Denison to bring a whole new experience to the Grand Prix of Houston. If you went to the Grand Prix to see the races it would be a safe bet that you expected to see various vendors throughout the grounds putting their wares on display, hoping to catch your eye.

What you probably didn’t expect was to see four vehicles on display in a booth, three of which were to be wrapped live for your viewing pleasure. Well folks, that is exactly the treat Car Wrap City and Avery Dennison teamed up to give you!Guests of the show were invited to swing by our booth and watch as we completely transformed three entire vehicles over the course of the weekend using the material we prefer to use which is made, of course, by none other than Avery Dennison.

Friday visitors were able to see how a plain Jane company van could be completely transformed by having a full wrap installed. This white van went from boring to bazinga! Saturday was an especially exciting day for both visitors and some of us representing Car Wrap City because it was one of our own vehicles undergoing a complete color change! There was a ton of buzz created due to the love most people share for the Dodge Challenger and we were all excited to see how a once fully white muscle car would look after we changed her to matte blue and added a matte black hood.On Sunday we wrapped up our time at the Grand Prix with a sentimental treat. For those who didn’t know, it was one of Car Wrap City’s first wraps and had been designed, printed, and installed by our owner himself. The talented team of Avery-certified installers expertly removed the old vinyl and re-wrapped it with the company’s newly re-branded design.If you were able to stop by and see how Car Wrap City teamed up with Avery Dennison to put on a stellar show, we thank you and hope you’ll give us a shout-out! If you missed the show don’t worry, you’ll be able to catch us soon at the Dallas Auto Show!

October 15, 2013