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Car Wrap City loves vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and design but once in a while we are given the opportunity to wrap something unique that isn’t a vehicle at all! One such project is a photo booth for JCPenney! Photo booths are becoming increasingly popular – not only do you see them in busy places such as malls and carnivals but now we see them popping up as wedding props, birthday shenanigans, and even in some bars. It only makes sense to utilize the blank canvas the outside of a photo booth provides as a marketing tool. This photo booth was designed to have a retro feel with the pastel mint and white coloring on each panel. In addition to the cute color scheme, on the front is a brief description of the photos offered by this chic booth – black and white photos with 4 snapshots in each session....
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Texas Motorworx (TMX) definitely knows their stuff when it comes to the total customization of client vehicles, more specifically trucks. From tires and wheels to lights and other accessories, TMX does it all…but there’s one key customization item they don’t do…wraps! Instead of dabbling in the world of vinyl wrapping, TMX trusts their client vehicles to Car Wrap City to get the job done right. Here’s one of the more recent additions to the list of custom-created wraps we’ve had the pleasure of working with TMX on. This bad-boy 4-door Ford Raptor is a monstrosity straight off the assembly line but sometimes that just isn’t enough. After TMX tinkered with it to really beef it up, they brought it to Car Wrap City for a fresh make-over. The full wrap was designed in a blue digital camouflage pattern and printed out on Avery Dennison vinyl wrap material using one of our...
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Modern muscle cars are pretty snazzy and we just can’t seem to get enough of them…which means we get to share all the eye candy with you! Recently Car Wrap City was able to get our hands on a few muscular projects that were incredibly different from one another. From custom stripes to blacked-out hoods and even some custom flames, Car Wrap City does it all. Check out these sweet rides and let us know which wrap is your favorite! Each of these three projects used Avery Dennison vinyl wrap material and were printed on our state-of-the-art, wide-format Mutoh printers.   This 2015 lime green Dodge Challenger received a classic Mopar makeover. Car Wrap City installed Avery Dennison “Matte Black” vinyl wrap material on the hood of this beast to give it the awesome retro look that is phenomenal on any Challenger. The custom-designed stripes on this 2015 Ford Mustang...
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We get inquires about partial wraps all the time. We recently showcased a few of the partials we've done on trucks, and now we'll show off some other vehicle options. In case you are unfamiliar with what a partial wrap is, it is a wrap that does not cover the entire surface of a vehicle. It can be just a few plotted logos and wording, or it can span to cover more than three quarters of the vehicle. Partials are great for those with marketing budgets that don't allow for a full wrap. Car Wrap City designers are great at creating designs that give the appearance of more coverage than is really there. They do this by incorporating the original paint color into the scheme so that the entire design flows seamlessly without harsh lines that give away where the paint and vinyl meet. This pint sized Smart Car belongs...
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Shawn Grimes, owner of Absolute Airco came to Car Wrap City in need of a custom-designed vinyl wrap for his 2008 Dodge Ram 2500. This truck already made quite the impression due to its size, but Shawn wanted to take the next step and turn it into a big, bad, mobile billboard for his business.   The full wrap on this Ram is sure to attract tons of attention whether it is parked or cruising down the road. Bold lettering under the company logo explains what this company is all about - air conditioning and heating - while bullet points on the bed of the truck go into more details while still remaining concise. Wraps containing too much wording all over the vehicle tend to be too busy and potential clients get lost in trying to take it all in but that definitely isn't the case for this design. The...
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Everyone deserves a break from the daily stresses of life in order to relax, regroup, and gain a peace of mind. There are endless ways people choose to unwind but one way almost everyone can agree on is getting a massage! Gazing upon this brand new wrap for “At Peace Floatation Spas” is enough to create a sense of tranquility, which is exactly the desired effect. At Peace already had their branding established and a great logo when they came to Car Wrap City, but that just wasn’t enough. They were ready to take their marketing to the next level, so they looked to our awesome design team for inspiration and to make their design really “pop”! We’re sure Tyson had a blast creating this wrap, especially working on the floating woman. The custom-designed, full vinyl wrap was installed on a 2010 Chevrolet Avalanche using Avery Dennison brand vinyl wrap material....
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Everyone that Fat Boy Towing, Inc. comes across is sure to be floored by the brand new look of this rig! Whether you’re viewing it from afar or you’re able to get up close and personal, this tow truck is sure to impress you with both the overall appearance and the tiny details that really make this wrap stand out. The design’s end result evolved astronomically throughout the creative process. Initially, the wrap was only going to cover the sides of the cab and the side beds but Tam, the designer in charge of this project had other plans. Of course he designed a mockup showing exactly what the Fat Boy Towing crew had requested but he then took it upon himself to show what this wrap was truly capable of becoming. Once the initial designs were created Tam constructed an additional look that utilized the entire canvas offered by this...
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If you're in the market for a large plot of mobile real estate, you might wish to consider purchasing a box truck. A box truck offers massive amounts of space for equipment, but as a company in the business of helping you advertise, we're more interested in the space offered by the outside! Obviously, we love the huge canvas a box truck provides on the sides and back, but there are other benefits too. Our large-format printers print vinyl sheets up to 60 inches wide, so vinyl wraps on a box truck are installed in multiple, vertical panels and then carefully pieced together during the installation process. Intricate wrap designs present a challenge when it comes to perfectly lining up the seams of these panels – but our certified installers welcome the task. When you're considered one of the kings of wrapping – like Car Wrap City is – you're held...
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Car Wrap City is often asked, “when you say partial wrap, what exactly do you mean?” We answer that a “partial” is any wrap that does not cover the entire vehicle. The next question usually is something along the lines of, “well, how much does a partial cost?” The coverage amount of a partial can differ greatly based on the square footage of material used, which means we can’t set a specific price. So, long story short…the price of a partial depends on your vehicle size, the type of vinyl used and the amount of coverage you choose. The best way to get an idea of cost is to request a quote for both full coverage and partial coverage and then compare the two. If you are looking for ways to save, ask! There are options, like excluding the roof for example, that can save on square footage and lower your...
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Springtime weather stirs us not only to spring-clean, but also to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. If you are familiar with Dallas at all you KNOW we love our food trucks! You can find food trucks all throughout the city, you just need to know where to look. A few great places to start when searching for a tasty treat are: the oh-so-popular Klyde Warren Park, the Dallas Arts District, and The Truck Yard. In each of these spots you’ll find food trucks of all flavors, including some with tasty wraps by Car Wrap City. Food trucks offer a unique opportunity to dish out unique cuisine to foodies on the go who might not ever make it to a brick-and-mortar restaurant of that type. Mobile restaurant owners have the benefit of taking their dishes directly to their hungry fans – even if that means testing their luck in different...
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Who's ready to race into the weekend?? We're willing to bet the owner of this smokin' ride is! Straight off the line the new Chevrolet Corvette Stingrays are a hot commodity but after Car Wrap City works our magic this car suddenly finds itself at the next level of awesome. Trust us...we know a thing or two about hot, fiery reds! Vehicles like this don't necessarily need a whole lot of vinyl unless you're unhappy with the color or want a full wrap to protect the original paint. Many clients choose to personalize their investment with custom accent pieces. The sky is the limit when it comes to the many ways you can personalize your ride. The owner of this gorgeous gal chose to add Avery Dennison's gloss black vinyl wrap material on just a few pieces including: the hood, mirrors, rear spoiler, and between the tail lights. Have a...
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As a company that revolves around the automotive industry, it should be no surprise that we are huge supporters of the world of racing! Car Wrap City is lucky to have made great connections with fellow automotive fanatics, including racecar drivers. You may recall that we have previously wrapped Kebin Kinsley's "Wild Child" Nostalgia Funny Car – a '69 Boss Mustang. And this time we're at it again, and quite proud to see this patriotic dragster flying by! Before: Carbon Fiber body, pre-wrap. During the wrap: Allow us to introduce to you "One Bad Texan" – a '69 Camaro Nitro Nostalgia Funny Car driven by John Hale, which now has a brand new vinyl wrap. Car Wrap City designers can't take credit for the original design of this bad boy, that bragging right belongs to Steve Shuck who worked with our design team to make the magic come to life. From...
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What if we told you there's an innovative way to create brand recognition for a reasonable price that won't drain your entire marketing budget? Would you think us crazy? Just keep reading and you'll see what we're talking about... All companies have a unique opportunity to blow the doors wide open on their marketing strategy using one simple idea that unfortunately many do not utilize. Each company, from the smallest mom-and-pop shop to the big boys of the Fortune 500 world has something (or many things) in common...the one we're most interested in is – of course – company vehicles. Do you drive a vehicle to and from work every day? More than likely you do which means you have the makings for creating a mobile billboard. Making a bold statement via mobile marketing isn't limited to fleet vehicles only. If you love where you work and want to get the...
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Every dealership has a unique opportunity to up their marketing game but we're afraid not all of them know it yet – which is why we're so eager to spread the word. It is common practice for dealerships to not only have many vehicles on the sales lot, but to utilize service vehicles as well. Wrapping service vehicles is a great way to advertise the dealership name and current promotions, as well as promote sponsorship and/or co-branding information. Fleet sales are a high priority for a dealership sales team, which is why it is vital to make known a group or team's capabilities to handle these type of sales. What better way to strut your stuff than to wrap one of the popular fleet vehicles you commonly sell with both the dealership and your information? This partial wrap using Avery Dennison material for Classic Chevrolet is a perfect example of utilizing...
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From time to time Car Wrap City clients find themselves in need of a vinyl wrap for a unique project and what do we say? Bring it on! No wrap-tastic project is too zany for these Cityzens, just so long as it’s not alive and is able to sit still long enough to be wrapped… Below: Owner Dave Lake with his custom-wrapped EMS Simulator. One such project was for an ambulance simulator. If your initial reaction to “ambulance simulator” is anything like ours was, you may be wondering what exactly that entails. Below: Custom full-print wrap using Avery 1005 High Gloss Super Cast Film. The owner of this interesting contraption had a vision to create a customized replica of an ambulance - complete with all the tools of the trade for training purposes - hence the name ambulance simulator. Part of that vision included creating a custom-designed vinyl wrap to emulate...
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Angelique wears many hats at Car Wrap City including... Receptionist, Administrator, Operator, Writer, Social Media Maven and Director of Fun! Angelique's unique way of looking at the world has given her the ability to be our wordsmith and add a special spin to our marketing and media department. She is the face of our Dallas location and the first face our clients get to see when they come to Car Wrap City. We're lucky to have Angelique and have enjoyed watching her skill set and wrap knowledge grow over the last two years! ...
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Car Wrap City has the pleasure of working with top-notch, highly skilled professionals from many different walks of life who specialize in a vast assortment of trades. One such individual we have been able to get to know on a more personal level as both a friend and client is Jordan Cole. Any time you see killer photos of a vehicle wrapped by Car Wrap City, there’s an excellent chance you’ve had the pleasure of seeing some of Jordan’s work. Every wrapped vehicle gets to have a mini photo-shoot after our installers have completed their handy-work but on occasion, Jordan is called in for extra-special shots. He has a great eye for sharp shooting and impeccable taste when it comes to editing vehicle photos. Before meeting us, Jordan took on the task of wrapping his car using his own two hands and it turned out quite nicely! It looked sharp, but...
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Building up a large fleet of vehicles is no small feat and in order to do so, a business needs to have the ability to make smart decisions in every aspect of their industry. Everything from the hiring process and departmental duties to managing each facility has to be fine-tuned so that it works at optimal efficiency. A big part of any successful company – large or small – is marketing. When smart marketing decisions are made, a company’s name and reputation are put in the spotlight for consumers and clients (both current and potential) to view and make their own choice as to whether or not that business is the right one for them. One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to get your company’s name out to the general public is by using the fleet of vehicles you more than likely are already running. Choosing to have...
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Being in the automotive industry, Car Wrap City has the unique opportunity to see a wide variety of vehicles. Everything from the tiniest Scoot Coupe and Microjet to the largest tow trucks, commercial trucks of all sizes, boats and planes have passed through our doors. We were pretty sure we had seen almost everything...until this neat little GEM drove into our installation bay. GEM cars are street-legal, zero-emission electric vehicles that are a great alternative for those wanting something a little different than your average golf cart. These cute little cars offer enough versatility in the different models available to be able to get even the toughest tasks taken care of - which is great for Harwood International's headquarters here in Dallas. The only thing missing from our client's GEM purchase was the ability to order the color they wanted... Before: After: Our clients know that we can remedy any paint...
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Look out Dallas – there’s a sexy hot rod speeding your way! Car Wrap City recently took on this bad boy project and sure enough, it turned out to be one sick looking ride! Muscle cars generally look great straight off the production line but when an owner decides to take it to the next level there’s no limit to the beast that can be created. When this tricked-out Challenger was brought to us it looked like a hot mess. She was down to her skivvies wearing only a coat of primer after having the paint stripped off. At first glance you’d have no idea the interior had all been redone with custom upholstery, gadgets and gizmos, and even had the door handles shaved off. This vehicle is most definitely someone’s beloved baby and has been given plenty of TLC. After taking a peek at the interior it was clear the...
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