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  This was the first year Car Wrap City has made an appearance at the Great American Trucking Show and we had a great time. The entire weekend was filled with non-stop action and fun. We met tons of new people, trucking enthusiasts and industry leaders throughout the show. Our setup included a live wrap, a Smart Car, and a coloring station for the kiddos of the trucking show to stop for a while and design their own wraps. We installed a wrap on Mercedes Benz of Plano's new sprinter live at the show. Live wraps are always a crowd pleaser at events, and one of the best ways to educate people on how a wrap is installed. Speaking of win-win, having a pint-sized Smart Car wrapped for the kiddos to doodle on was an awesome addition to our booth along with custom coloring pages. We all enjoyed mingling with the...
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Choosing the right graphics to represent your storefront can be a daunting task. Do you paint? Do you use banners? Do you become overwhelmed and just stick a small sign in the window so you can be done with it? We have a better idea – let Car Wrap City wrap it. There are several ways to customize your windows and doors with wraps, especially with the endless design options available. One of the most highly sought after materials for windows and doors is perforated vinyl – or, as you'll hear many people call it, "perf". When we install a perforated vinyl wrap, business logos, contact information, and any designs chosen are vividly displayed while allowing those inside to see an onobstructed outside view. The perforated adhesive window vinyl has small holes that allow light in, but appear as a solid image from just a few steps away. From the other...
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Every girl is crazy 'bout a sharp... wrapped car? Sounds good to us! This sleek and powerful Nissan GTR is a true testament to sharp styling with the accent wraps Car Wrap City designed and installed. Accent wraps consist of a few pieces wrapped strategically to make a commanding statement. A matte or satin finish combined with gloss of the same color is both subtle and classy – it especially works well in a traditional color like black. Our client decided to take the design a step further by going with a textured black carbon fiber finish over his already gloss black ride. The result? Sensational. The selected accents wrapped on this Nissan GTR are: hood, front lip, side skirts, mirrors, and the spoiler. These pieces combined create a very personal, stylized look that is sure to turn heads. ...
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Back-to-school specials are just one of the sure signs of summer drawing to an end and fading into fall... and you know what that means?! It's time for students of all ages to freshen up their wardrobe, decorate their lockers and stock up on the coolest school supplies. It's not just students who like to freshen up for the new school year though - school transportation of all sorts, from golf-carts and cars, to vans and busses, appreciate a face-lift too! Just look at the newest Bushland ISD bus. This mean machine is sporting a freshly built body as well as an impressive bus wrap showing off the school mascot in a beautiful gold vinyl graphic. This is a vehicle wrap any rival team is sure to be impressed with, envious of, and (we're willing to bet) a little psyched out by knowing that the ferocious Falcons and Lady Falcons lay...
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"World's Greatest!" is a fast-paced tour around the world featuring behind-the-scenes footage and interviews of some of the most amazing and unique companies, products, people and travel destinations the world has to offer! Season 8 is currently underway and they're out to knock your socks off with a line-up of some of the most respected and visionary people and companies ever to be seen, including Car Wrap City! As you can imagine, everyone here at Car Wrap City was excited to hear that we were in the running for the "World's Greatest!" wrap company and extremely honored when the call came announcing we had been chosen to be that wrap company and take part of such a unique experience. This opportunity was truly a once-in-a-lifetime moment for the company - there can only be one "World's Greatest!" for each industry. Filming for the episode began at our largest facility in Carrollton,...
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  Lots of people have a golf cart, these days they’re pretty common. How many people can say they have a fun, customized golf cart?! The happy owners of this bad boy drove all the way from Midlothian to have their cart wrapped in the style of a WWII Bomber, complete with its own personalized nose art. When we say personalized nose art we mean business. This beautiful pin-up style babe was created with the image of our client’s wife in mind, fiery red hair and all! Another feature common to the typical bomber style is the riveting of the plane which is also incorporated throughout the design. Because our clients were so far away, they were only able to bring us the pieces of the cart to be wrapped which makes the wrap process incredibly tricky. It’s certainly a good thing we have a great wrap installation crew to get...
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Both beauty and brains come together to create on incredibly sexy ride, the McLaren. Having been born and raised on the track, the McLaren has broken new ground in driving dynamics, automotive technology, Formula 1 process transfer, and performance. The use of Formula 1 technology and expertise in creating such a beautiful machine has allowed McLaren Automotive to be considered one of the most advanced sports cars in the world. In 2011, McLaren Automotive launched the first of its new range of technologically advanced high performance sports cars. Even with the countless amounts of technology poured into the creation of this beast, McLaren stands firm knowing their future success is attributed to the fact of how deeply their company roots are steeped in a rich motorsport history. Originally a bright yellow, this McLaren received a full wrap transformation in order to be ready for the Circuit of the Americas complete with...
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“Just had the privilege of working with these guys and gals. All around awesome from the first point of contact till my job was done. Their work is top notch along with their personalities. They will be the only ones I'll use again. Thank all of you at Car Wrap City. Indescribable experience hats off.” – Tony Hutchison Any company can go on and on about how great their service or product is but nothing conveys the message more effectively than hearing it from a happy client. Vinyl wraps are a great solution for branding multiple surfaces of any combination; from cars, trucks and trains to bikes, trailers and planes we wrap them all. Tony Hutchison of Hutchison Electric decided to not only have his trailer wrapped to stand out in the crowd but also included his personal bike so anyone familiar with his brand will see him coming. We...
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This Casita trailer received a complete makeover recently which really created the feel of home. Complete with imagery of little girls giggling while looking out the window and a fun, funky bovine looking longingly towards some scrumptious foliage this wrap really goes the extra mile to provide as much detail as possible.   Our client really wanted this wrap to be special with a very personal touch, which is why she asked us to include in the design a photograph of her granddaughters and another of her own grandmother to be placed in the windows.   From top to bottom this Casita has the complete look of somewhere cozy to call home. The colorful flowers and ivy really stand out against the earth-toned aged brickwork and Spanish tile roof. Including items like the bicycle and potted plants also help tie in a more personal, homey feeling.   We hope this Casita...
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Meeting new neighbors is always a treat, especially when they come to us with their wrapping needs. Recently we’ve had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Connex Systems who happens to be the sole authorized agent/dealer of Xerox for Dallas and Collin Counties since 1998 and has an office just down the street from our Carrollton location. It’s not unusual to see established companies come in with a design already in hand, which was the case for this Xerox wrap. Our designers can easily work with your company’s design team to create print-ready files when needed or if you’re looking for something fresh and new they can create something from scratch.   ...
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When building brand recognition for your business sometimes minimalism speaks volumes, especially when you’re advertising on your personal vehicle. It’s not uncommon for business owners to strive for as much exposure as possible and look for ways to get the best bang for their buck. Wrapping for business advertisement on personal vehicles is an extremely cost-effective solution for creating impressions on potential customers, especially when you’re already wrapping vehicles used solely for work.  The owner of H Customs Audio and Video decided for his personal wrap to keep it simple which gives a sophisticated feel, perfect for his business of providing custom high-end audio, video, and home theater components. His wrap lets potential clients know what his business is without being too loud. We look forward to seeing what our design staff comes up with for his next wrap! ...
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Starting today, August 1, TAPS Public Transit will begin acccepting calls for booking the rides on their new TAPS ACCESS vehicles for to transport Medicaid members to their doctor apointments. Actual trips will start on September 1. But we are excited to showcase the newest fleet of 20 Ford Transits all branded and ready to make their debut! TAPS Access will share similar features of the TAPS Public Transit brand like the familiar striping but can be identified by the blue and white TAPS Access brand. It’s amazing how much growth has occurred since the conception of TAPS in 1986. Originally, rides were provided via van and station wagons by thirteen separate senior centers and communities in Fannin, Grayson, and Cooke counties which is miniscule when compared to their growing territory. By developing a strong relationship through providing consistent top-notch wraps they’ve enabled us to provide for them a clean, professional brand recognizable by...
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This sounds like the beginning to a really bad joke but bear with us…. What do you get when you cross a gloss black vinyl with a matte black vinyl? Satin black! Satin finishes might not be a perfect 50/50 split of gloss and matte genes but it certainly looks sharp whatever the mix may be. Satin finishes are great for those who really love the look of the stealthy matte but still want a little bit of shine. Vinyl color-changes are a quick and easy way to spruce up the look of your vehicle for a fraction of the price of a high-end quality paint job. One of the many great advantages to wrapping vs. painting is once you’re ready for the look of a new vehicle, simply have your wrap removed and swapped for another color. Voilà! Now you’ve got another head-turning wrap that gives the impression you’ve gone...
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We are always thrilled to hear kind words from happy customers!    “Introducing an exciting new look for theFLS Microjet Airshowdebuting at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh on Monday! Car Wrap City is a proud sponsor of the FLS Microjet and the Toby Keith Foundation.  Their high quality for design, materials, and professional application made them a perfect candidate to support something as critical as wrapping my high performance FLS Microjet.”  The FLS Microjet is a high performance, aerobatic, single seat, low-wing, all metal, jet-powered aircraft built from an amateur homebuilder kit. Lewis & Clark Performance, LLC owns and flies the BD-Micro Technologies Flight Line Series Microjet or FLS Microjet.The design was originally developed in the 1970′s by Jim Bede of Bede Aircraft, Inc. and designated as the BD-5. It was a public sensation and fueled homebuilders with dreams of owning a high performance propeller or jet aircraft at a fraction of the normal cost. But by incorporating...
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You might be wondering how the FLS Microjet travels from one event to the next. Is it maneuvered through the skies like it’s 007 predecessor, the BD-5, flown by James Bond in Octopussy? With speeds topping 320mph, it certainly could make the haul, but this extraordinary jet-powered aircraft saves its fuel for the airshows and is instead transported via trailer. Car Wrap City had the privilege of wrapping both the FLS Microjet and the truck and trailer, which chauffeurs the aerobatic aircraft all over the nation. We’re excited to present the jet to you, but before we do we want to shine the spotlight on its (newly spiffed-up) ride. A matching wrap on both your truck and trailer can be an eye-catching way to stand out on the road. Coordinated designs are aesthetically pleasing, allow for much more design space and can tell a full story from grill to tailpipe. You...
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It’s Friday which means it’s time to blow off steam and forget about responsibility for at least a night or two! There are so many ways to kick back and relax so how will you choose? Perhaps hearing about the ultimate party bar will make your decision easier. Thanks to Hollywood’s Productions, Inc. this bad boy is loaded with the works including features like: four 42-inch plasma TVs, thirty attached bar stools, a sound system that is iPod compatible, bar lighting, ceiling fans, and keg compatibility just to name a few. From a company standpoint, this mobile party bar as well as many other products produced by Hollywood’s Productions, Inc. are great for getting your name out there, especially when you team up with us for a completely customized wrap to really make your brand stand out. “The Mobile Party Bar combines all the aspects of a sports bar into an...
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Texas A&M University-Commerce has been a big-name university since 1889 who not only cares about people and relationships but also focuses on achieving success. It is with this combination of characteristics they are able to remain in the elite group of desirable campuses in which to achieve a higher education as well as make friends, memories, and build the necessary confidence to compete in today’s marketplace. Once a heightened status has been reached, how is it they are able to remain ahead of the pack? Texas A&M University-Commerce is no stranger to competition; just like other top companies they understand how important it is to stay ahead of their rivals. In order to do this they have to start thinking outside of the box, which is where we come in.   Uniform service vehicles project a professional and successful image. When it comes down to it, every minute detail matters. Just like...
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Wall wraps are a super easy way to add pizazz to any room, whether you’re wrapping all the walls or just a couple of accent walls. Paint is messy, there’s no way around it especially if you don’t hire professionals to perform color changes for you. Sure, paint wars can be fun but do you really want to see it all over your trim, ceiling, or flooring? Wall wraps don’t pose the same messy threat that paint does.   Ever dreamed of having a beautiful mural painted in your home, office, or classroom (just to name a few wrappable walls)? Hiring someone to paint your mural can cost a ton plus you have to worry about the quality of work as well as smudges or accidental scratches and stains after it’s been painted. With a wall wrap you can rest assured that even if an accident occurs and it’s somehow...
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Have you ever seen a masculine butterfly? We hadn’t either, until now! This new design for Monarch I.T. is a completely different direction from their last wrap and we think it’s the perfect way to sport a Monarch butterfly on the side of this Ford F-150. Vinyl wraps don’t have to be “full” wraps in order to be effective, though it does allow for more eye catching design work when there is a larger canvas to work on. If you have a smaller budget or just want something in a quicker time frame while you contemplate what you’d like a full wrap to look like, a partial wrap and/or decals and cut vinyl lettering might be the solution for you. The Monarch I.T. wrap is a great example of both placing a decal on the side as well as cut vinyl lettering. The colors pop against the black background which makes...
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One of the quickest and easiest ways to get noticed is to wrap your vehicle in a fun, bright color! We challenge you to try your hardest not to take notice of this vibrant yellow service vehicle wrapped for “Service Master Restore” when you see it out on the road. Try as you might, it’s impossible NOT to see it go by, which is exactly what you want your wrap to do for you. When you decide to invest in a business wrap to advertise for your company it is your goal to make that wrap work as hard as possible, which is why we have a special team of highly skilled in-house designers ready to help bring your creative needs to life.   Happen to find yourself in need of disaster repair services? Take a peek at the Service Master Restore website to see how they can help...
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