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With a big southern smile and the largest cowboy hat you've ever seen, Rowdy has been a fixture at Dallas Cowboys games since 1996. But even with outrageous dance moves and relentless energy, Rowdy still needed a little something extra to compete with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, which is where Car Wrap City was able to help. Rowdy is known for pumping up the crowds at Cowboy games, but he also travels around DFW supporting local organizations like The Salvation Army, visiting Dallas schools, and making appearances at retirement centers, hospitals, parties, and much more. This van and trailer are Rowdy's home away from home, so we had to outfit them in brand new wraps that would make Cowboys fans proud. Using the signature silver and navy blue colors of the Dallas team, we incorporated their famous star logo in a clean, crisp design on both sides of the van....
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The proud owner of this Polaris RZR 900 Side by Side has named her off-roading baby “Pink Lady”…and rightly so! The custom, pink Muddy Girl camo material was specially ordered to suit our customer’s wrap needs. We love to see clients excited when they see their freshly wrapped vehicle for the first time. Men definitely aren’t the only ones who love camo; whether it’s traditionally colored or pretty in pink, camo appeals to the ladies too.   Camo looks killer for full wraps but keep in mind it also works well as an accent pattern for almost anything: cars, trucks, boats, ATVs, planes, guns….well, you get the idea. Give us a call today at 877-819-7277 and see how we can help you with all your camo needs! ...
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Mercedes Benz of Plano knows a thing or two about smart... smart cars, smart design, and smart advertising strategies, just to name a few. It was a smart move when they brought these unique wrap projects to Car Wrap City recently. Realizing the unlimited supply of potential marketing tools within the walls of your business opens you up to a world of new marketing tricks. Branding the walls of your elevators is an easy way to let your company name or slogan linger on the minds of clients as they enter and exit your premises.   Making sure your reception desk looks sharp is another important detail to keep in mind. Generally, this is one of the first things clients will see when they enter so it’s smart to keep it looking fresh and new. Having a desk wrap custom-designed allows you to keep a clean, classic look or go...
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The 29th Annual AAA Texas NHRA Fall Nationals are this weekend (Sept 18-21) and that means we're getting ready to race over to the Texas Motorplex in Ennis, Texas, and set up shop. Two particularly important projects getting a makeover before facing all the biggest names in drag racing are none other than these concession trailers. It's important to keep fans from experiencing a foul start with a lack of appetizing food so we made sure to update them from top to bottom.   Completely covered with a diamond plate design, these trailers both have top-end, realistic flames reaching up from below, reminiscent of a backyard barbeque grill, to remind patrons of the delicious, grilled wares inside. We're certain race fans' hunger reaction times will be instantaneous once their senses are awakened by the sights and smells of all the Texas Motorplex concession stands and their delicious treats. Don't forget to...
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We cringe when we see a wrap that isn’t taken care of. If your wrap is dried, cracking or fading – you aren’t taking care of it properly! Our policy at Car Wrap City is to ensure all of our customers walk out of our doors satisfied and fully educated about caring for wraps. It doesn’t take much to properly care for a vinyl - but if you do, you can multiply the life of your wrap. Care for your wrap like you would any fine paint finish by using high-quality products designed specifically for vinyl care. Like the rest of your vehicle, your wrap requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Washing your wrap regularly and keeping it away from potential pollutants will result in a longer-lasting, more vibrantly colorful wrap. Below are cleaning and maintenance procedures that will help keep your wrap looking its best and will allow you to...
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When considering the design of your wrap, it’s important to carefully consider the graphics. You want something that will draw an onlooker’s attention your way, but you also want something smart, savvy, and something that truly represents your business. A custom-designed wrap equates to a custom-tailored image to suit your marketing strategy. If your message is misinterpreted you could be losing out on gaining new clientele. A wrap can be your first impression on thousands of potential customers…so no pressure, right? For a passionate organization like Lone Star Guide Dog Raisers, which strives to empower lives by creating partnerships among people, dogs, and communities, Car Wrap City decided the best advertisement would be the sweet face of a furry, four-legged friend. The vinyl wrap on this Ford Transit Connect Wagon sends a clear message of what the organization is all about….man’s best friend helping people in need. Everyone can find a...
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Within company walls, there are countless surfaces that could be branded and wrapped; utility vehicles, storefront windows, walls, desks, elevators – all fair game. We recently wrapped an item that falls into the unique category, though it is certainly a common item for many businesses… an ATM. The American Bank of Texas recognized a great marketing opportunity and decided to repurpose their ATMs as mini-billboards branded with their logo. Not only does it help current members of their branch to locate their money machine more easily, but it catches the eye of potential members as well. When a soon-to-be customer is frequently exposed to your logo and becomes familiar with your business and brand, they’re more likely to think of you when shopping around in your industry. Check out the bold difference below of the American Bank of Texas custom ATM before and after.    Need unique wrapping ideas for your...
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Here are a few questions we are often asked regarding partial wraps: What exactly is a partial wrap? How much coverage does it include? Does it have to be all in one area? Can I design it myself? Let us clarify. A partial wrap is any wrap that does not cover the entire vehicle. It can include as little or as much area as you need to fit your company information and your checkbook. Having Car Wrap City design a partial wrap for your business is a great way to beef up your advertising and marketing strategies without blowing your budget. Our highly skilled and experienced design team will work with you to get the design right so it not only works for your financial plan, but works effectively for your marketing plan as well. Some partial wraps can even be designed in a way that allows for future expansion to...
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You might not have imagined that an oil and gas company would dream of branding their battery tanks with a wrap. Battery tanks aren’t the first surface to come to mind when considering the many wrap possibilities… but like we say, if you can dream it we can wrap it!   Another claim we stand by is that we will wrap anything that can sit still long enough, and we mean business – which is good for your business. Payson Petroelum really put this slogan to the test by bringing Car Wrap City this special project. Wrapping battery tanks isn’t necessarily the norm for a wrap business, but we love a unique wrap project. We outfitted their tank with the large red star from their logo.     It’s impossible for anyone to miss your logo when it’s super-sized on the side of a giant tank, building, water tower, or any other...
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We're pumped up for this GMC Terrain wrap. With a design in hand, ProSupps commissioned Car Wrap City's expert certified install team to get the job done right, which is exactly what they've done. From bumper to bumper, this bad boy is a lean, mean, intense pumping machine! The GMC Terrain offers a spacious canvas to wrap on which is something we appreciate. When you have a large wrappable surface, your message is displayed bigger, more boldly, and is almost impossible to miss...remind us again what company wouldn't want that? Speaking of big and bold - what better way to start your workout than with either of these pre-workout amplifiers, "Dr. JEKYLL" or "Mr. HYDE" from ProSupps? Dr. Jekyll is formulated to answer the call for a true anabolic pre-workout powder; it combines the effects of a sensory-focused and vein-popping pump formula with added anabolic compounds L-Leucine, L-Norvaline, Creatine Hydrochloride. Mr....
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As a big supporter of Justin Lewis and the FLS Microjet, we love to see our designs fly. On Saturday, September 27th, we’ll be at the Heart of Texas Airshow at the TSTC Campus Airport (KCNW) in Waco, Texas, watching the Microjet and other top performers from across the country soar through the sky. Alongside helicopters, airplanes, jets, commemorative air force historic aircraft, rockets, radio controlled aircraft, and more, the Microjet will join in on displays, demonstrations and flyovers. There will also be an opportunity for attendees to fly in helicopters, airplanes and historic warbirds. If you aren’t familiar with the FLS Microjet, the aircraft is known for its outstanding handling qualities and aerobatic capabilities. Recognized as the “World’s Smallest Jet”, the design for the jet was originally developed in the 1970’s and called the BD-5. In 1992, BMT embarked on a mission to update the BD-5 with today’s technology...
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You'll soon see a blazing, red-hot jet soaring across the country that Car Wrap City is proud to claim. Last weekend, we hosted a plane-wrapping tutorial featuring the FLS Microjet for, and we can't wait to share the results with you. Concepted by Justin Pate and designed by the Car Wrap City design team, the jet is wrapped in a dynamic black pearl vinyl with red chrome accents on top and a full chrome underbelly. Our install team, who work closely with Justin Pate, helped to expertly apply the wrap to each panel and curve throughout the installation. This is not the jet's first visit to Car Wrap City, though. We are fortunate enough to have worked with Navy pilot, Justin Lewis, on the jet's first wrap and we're excited to take part in more wraps to come to keep this aircraft flying fresh. The once silver chrome body was...
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Who other than the primitive, crazy drummer of "Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem" would be better suited to adorn an extreme spear fishing boat named The Animal? Animal has been making appearances since the mid-1970s in everything from movies and TV, to park attractions and commercials. But he most recently made an appearance at Car Wrap City, when he sailed into our design studio as the inspiration for the creation of a custom airboat rudder. Elite Custom Boats knows all there is to know about constructing custom boats, but when they wanted to add a pop of design to The Animal, they called in the boat wrap experts, Car Wrap City.    You can see the highly detailed depiction of Animal with spear in hand, and that he managed to get himself a nice looking fish. On the opposite rudder, you'll find an impeccably detailed design of the Texas...
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What exactly are cut vinyl lettering and decals? Cut vinyl lettering generally consists of solid colored numbers and letters used for things like phone numbers, websites, and other simple text. In some cases, there is no printing involved. Instead, the text is plotted out, cut, and excess vinyl on the sheet is removed with a process called weeding. After that, the vinyl decals can be applied to the vehicle. Our new neighbors, MosquitoNix, used this process along with decals, which were designed, printed and applied over their signature mustard-yellow paint job. Vinyl decals are a little more complex than lettering in that there is usually more design involved for logos, colors, and size scaling. Once a customer is 100-percent satisfied with the design of their logos, they are printed and laminated before being expertly applied by our installers to the desired surface. Applying cut vinyl lettering and decals to a bold...
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We’re seeing double around here - Synthetic GreenScapes is adding to their fleet of branded vehicles to delivery quality artificial turf to the DFW area. They’ve got the right marketing idea for maximum business exposure by giving their company vehicles a great, new look.     Trucks aren’t the only members of this fleet, their Hyundai Elantra is also freshly wrapped. She might not be as big as her fellow fleet brothers, but the smart marketing message this little sister sends is received just as loudly and clearly. No matter what vehicle assortment you may have in your fleet, wrapping them all in coordinating “uniforms” will show both potential and current customers you really mean business.    Don’t wait another moment! Give us a call to see how we can help market and grow your business with branded wraps for cars, trucks or any other vehicle you might have in your fleet....
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Being in an innovative industry like the wrap business allows us to see all kinds of designs on a multitude of surfaces. From big-name corporate vehicle wrap designs we all know and love, to one-of-a-kind boutique projects - we love them all! David McDavid Acura of Plano brought in a unique idea for us to recreate that perfectly marries the two ends of the spectrum. Acura is a well-known automotive brand, but this bubbly design is a special one. David McDavid Acura of Plano asked Car Wrap City to recreate a design shown in the 2015 North American International Auto Show. With a bright white fade into midnight blue, and colorful circles that pop throughout the design, this car demands attention. And it served just that purpose during the unveiling of the all-new 2015 TLX. This design is used on the Acura 2015 TLX GT Race Car, the newest car representing...
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There’s nothing like cruising out on the water – the wind in your hair, the sun beaming down on your face, each splash a welcome refresher to cool you down from a long day of fun in the sun. But what’s even better? Skimming the lake in an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind boat designed to match your voyaging dreams. Car Wrap City wraps boats in fully customized vinyl wraps that will definitely set yours apart from the rest. We take pride in providing the highest qualiy work possible, which is why our wraps are more often than not mistaken for a custom paint job. Our expert certified install team applies boat wraps with as few seams as possible, which plays a big role in capturing that “fresh paint job” look. When we install a boat vinyl, it’s done using two giant panels so each side is seamless. Unlike general print shops, we are...
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Wrapping your company box truck is a wise move when it comes to marketing your business. Box trucks offer a large canvas to showcase important information like your business’ brand, purpose and contact information – all in big, bold, readable color as you maneuver through traffic. Check out this box truck Car Wrap City wrapped for Loving Construction. We were able to display their company name and logo, a description of their work, three large photos showcasing previous work, their phone number AND a list of their specialties.   We estimate that in heavy traffic, our wraps reach about 30k eyeballs each day. But you can expect a large, graphic vehicle like this box truck to reach a lot more. Giving your commercial box truck (or any other company vehicle for that matter) a vinyl “face lift” is not only great for business, but a distinguished wrap also separates your...
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Window wraps, both big and small are great for advertising your business. Of course, the bigger the window, the louder the message will be - which is great when you have a big, tough name like Dodge Ram. Bonham Chrysler recently decided to take advantage of their ample window space by adding a vibrant, promotional wrap. This bright window signage makes it a cinch for customers to find exactly where to go when shopping for their next Dodge Ram. The big, bold fonts on this architectural wrap, combined with vivid coloring, will catch the eye of anyone in its vicinity. Installing window wraps may seem like an easy task since there are no curves or corners to deal with, but there are still a few tips and tricks to be mindful of. Our installers have been trained to overcome these hurdles, and have years of experience to back it up....
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For this Choctaw Nation Health Services Authority RV design, we incorporated staple imagery like crosses and heart monitor lines into the vinyl wrap to convey its affiliation with the medical industry. Instead of the typical vibrant red coloring used for emergency vehicles, this Emergency Management team opted for a more soothing approach, using cool blue and purple hues. But don't be mistaken – this RV, which is used as "command central", is sure to be noticed! Our design team also took color inspiration from the Choctaw Nation flag, which itself is a vibrant purple color with the Great Seal in the middle. The same light blues and yellows of the seal are incorporated throughout this wrap to wholly embrace the true Choctaw essence. Our Car Wrap City designers are experts at creating wraps that tell an organization's full story. We work to efficiently promote business, convey a clear message, and...
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