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Many vehicles cruise off the assembly line already beautiful in their pre-modified forms...and the Porsche is certainly one to include in this category. But isn't it in our biological makeup to want to push the limits and add more? For some auto owners, adding more means going over the top with wild designs and bright colors. Another approach to creating a more edgy look is to add accent pieces in noticeable places so they "pop" as they're being checked out by onlookers. Recently, Car Wrap City has had the pleasure of working with these two sexy rides in order to add more oomph for their owners.     The owner of this sleek, stealthy black Porsche wanted to maintain the appearance of an all-black vehicle but was itching for something more. So to satisfy this craving, Car Wrap City installed a black carbon fiber vinyl wrap on the hood. The...
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Alberto is one of Car Wrap City's talented installers. He is a certified installer and has trained with famed wrap expert, Justin Pate. Alberto started with us back in June 2013 and is our silent warrior who conquers whatever task we give him. He wraps with confidence and pride, and he never complains about the challenges he is faced with. Alberto is a valued member of the CWC install crew and we're lucky to have him.  ...
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Ok, ok…yes, we’ll admit it…we absolutely LOVE what we do here at Car Wrap City so that means anytime we see our handiwork making headlines we feel the need to share with all our friends and fans! Take a peek at the February issue of FLYER where you’ll see…yep, you guessed it…the awesome FLS Microjet we’ve had the pleasure of wrapping (more than once) on the cover! "This month in FLYER, Justin Lewis tells you what it’s like to fly the single-seat FLS Microjet. A reimagined version of the BD-5J, the ‘world’s smallest jet’, famously flown through a hangar by James Bond in the opening sequence of the film “Octopussy”. – FLYER, February 2015.   The good times never cease here in our City…we never know what is going to drive, fly, or float through our doors next. If you have a project you’ve been considering wrapping – no matter how...
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Including a commercial vehicle wrap in your marketing budget is a GREAT way to get your business noticed by potential clients. Vinyl wraps offer endless design customization – from minimalistic to wild and colorful. But there's one thing all wrapped vehicles have in common and that is...they're all unique. Here you can see one of the many partial wraps Car Wrap City has custom designed. This particular Nissan Frontier belongs to DFW Tubs and turned out great! It's an excellent example of using literal imagery in a commercial design. Aside from the obvious "LOOK AT ME" aspect, all commercial vinyl wraps also have an extra layer of protection from the elements. The sharp, custom-designed wrap you choose to have installed acts as an extra barrier – much like an additional clear coat – so that your paint is even more protected. If, like many companies, you rotate the vehicles in...
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All vinyl wraps are great for protecting your vehicle because they act as an additional layer between your vehicle's paint and the harsh elements just waiting to assault your ride. In order to gain a more clear understanding, it's easiest to think of a wrap as a second clear coat on top of your original. Not all wraps have to be colorfully opaque though...if you've already got a vehicle in the perfect color for you then you might wish to consider having a clear wrap installed for added protection. The most popular areas for a paint-protecting clear wrap involve those that are most regularly exposed to the elements while on the road – including part of the hood, front bumper, mirrors, and fenders. This 2015 Ford Mustang is a perfect example of the most commonly wrapped areas for paint protection. The areas wrapped using Suntek's paint protection film include the whole...
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When dealerships – like Seth Wadley Auto Group – choose to wrap vehicles for the showroom floor or wrap their service vehicles, they're making a smart marketing decision. Service trucks that are already driven around daily should be working double-time, which is possible with the application of a customized vinyl wrap. Not only will the wrap showcase the dealership name but it also grabs attention with vibrant, eye-catching colors which are integrated into the design. Custom-designed wraps have the ability to include multiple elements which might not normally tie in together. For instance, this wrap is advertising the dealership alongside the professional barrelracer they sponsor, Carlee Pierce. Our experienced, highly creative design team has an innate sense for creating works of art which allow one idea to flow seamlessly into the next. Our wraps never feel "all over the place" – which is what you'd end up with if you wrap...
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School spirit? Heck yeah they've got it and it's catching on like wildfire!   After having multiple busses wrapped, the AG department at DeSoto ISD decided they wanted to get in on the vinyl wrap action too! Recently they brought Car Wrap City two Ford trucks to spruce up with some school spirit. Both the F250 and the F350 received partial wraps very similar to the DeSoto ISD busses with a few tweaks to make the scaled-down versions really pop. Both trucks were wrapped between the wheel wells, across the tailgates, and received a decal on the hood. There's no doubt these trucks belong to DeSoto Eagles fans who are proud to represent their school! They've got spirit, yes they do! They've got spirit, how 'bout you?! Call or click today to find out how we can help you represent your team loudly and proudly! 877-81-WRAPS – Car Wrap City...
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Below: Our conference room went from having standard white walls to being accented with a geometric, modern focal wall. At any given time you may hear a Car Wrap City Cityzen saying, "If it will stand still long enough, we can wrap it!" This claim couldn't be more true...we love to wrap EVERYTHING! So far in our Carrollton location we've wrapped kitchen appliances like the refrigerator, coffee maker, trash can, light switch and outlet covers and more. So this got us to pondering...what else can we wrap to make our city more unique? Well...the possibilities are endless! The most recent additions to our interior design/architectural wraps include several acrylic canvases throughout the building, a door color-change, and several office walls received a modernized facelift. Using high quality vinyl wrap material from a manufacturer such as Avery Dennison or 3M makes interior design a cinch...and it's mess-free, unlike painting. Below: Here you...
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Stix and Stones won't break your bones...but they'll be more than happy to do your landscaping! Car Wrap City recently designed, printed, and installed this partial wrap for Stix and Stones on their Ford F350 Crew Cab flatbed. Using top-notch, high quality material from Avery Dennison, the finalized design was printed out by Car Wrap City's production manager using one of Mutoh's large-format printers and then installed at our Carrollton location by our certified installation team. "Stix & Stones, located in Bowie, Texas, has become the premier and complete landscape company of Montague and surrounding counties. Our landscape services offer unsurpassed quality due to our comprehensive and horticultural approach to each property's individual needs. We believe in hearing about the customer's overall desires for their outdoor appearance, whether it's for a residential or commercial property. Our goal is to provide our customers with exceptional service and quality work done on time,...
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As one of the leading experts in vinyl wrap design and application, Car Wrap City can proudly say we see a wide variety of wrap designs and vehicles. Clients in need of a savvy, cost-effective method of marketing know they can rely upon Car Wrap City to create the perfect design for their mobile billboard without draining their entire marketing budget (unlike stationary billboards, commercial air time and other marketing outlets). Taking advantage of the benefits offered by a professional, uniform mobile marketing fleet is smart way to get your company’s name out there and create both brand and service awareness. Recently, we were approached by one of our most unique clients who needed help creating a custom fleet design for a truly niche market. Which company might we be referring to? Allow us to introduce to you Poop Troops, a one-of-a-kind company dedicated to providing the most reliable and...
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Muscles are for showing off – and that goes for us too. We love to show off the awesome vinyl wraps we create as well as the gorgeous vehicles we have the pleasure of enhancing on a daily basis. Please allow us to flex our hard work by sharing two of our recent bodacious babes for your viewing pleasure... First up is this sleek, sexy 2014 Ford Mustang. Already dressed to the nines in black, the owner wanted to kick it up a notch by adding subtle accentuation using Avery Dennison's matte black for new racing stripes from front to back. The combination of matte and gloss finishes yields stellar results, especially when they're in the same color.   Our second contender for the hottest muscle car contest is this divine 2012 Chevrolet Camaro. Already one to grab attention in a bright yellow outfit, this fierce automobile needed something extra...
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Billy started with Car Wrap City as a part-time, night shift printer almost four years ago, and has worked his way up to full-time printing production manager. He is a valuable member of the CWC team and he finds a way to manage the entire printing load from all CWC locations. He carries many responsibilities and has a long future with CWC. We are lucky to have Billy. ...
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When Nation Overhead Doors made the savvy decision to wrap their 2012 Ford F150 Super Crew, they knew just who to call...Car Wrap City. Was it because we're among "The World's Greatest!" or perhaps because we've been inducted into the royal court for our ability to "Wrap like a King"? Whatever the case, Nation Overhead Doors chose who they believed could best translate the message they want to send onto a full, custom-design wrap: "I would like people to know we do Commercial and Residential repairs, installations, maintenance and service, and gates and operators. We do overhead garage door installations, carriage door installation and repairs, garage door repairs, panel repairs and replacement, replace/repair broken springs, garage door opener installations, gate and operator repair and installations, door off tracks/ cable offs-broken cables, etc." –Nation Overhead Doors   When a company has so many services to offer, inexperienced designers may find it...
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Trusting another company to create a design for your mobile marketing tool – one that accurately represents the vision you have – can be a daunting task, especially if you've previously dealt with another company that may have spun you in circles or left you feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. It's incredibly important to do your homework before choosing the wrap company that is right for you which is why Car Wrap City always encourages you to research each company you're considering before moving forward. Once you've shopped around and compared "apples to apples" (click here for a great list of questions you will want to ask each wrap company you're considering) we feel confident Car Wrap City will be at the top of your list. Just ask Legacy Plumbing – they've been doing their homework for several years now and have chosen to remain with us because they...
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Accent wraps can be extremely loud and easy to notice, super subtle and difficult to detect or somewhere in between. The great thing about custom vinyl application is the infinite number of possibilities when it comes to the new look you choose. Here are a couple of the recent subtle accents Car Wrap City has installed. Gorgeous white 2015 Lexus CS with her roof wrapped in gloss black vinyl material. Also wrapped in gloss black is the space below the grill. Sleek black 2011 Audi A8 with the chrome trim on the front grill and around the side windows wrapped in satin black vinyl material. ...
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It's not uncommon to see various types of ATVs being taken out and about for some well-deserved playtime, but what you don't see enough of are fully customized ATVs! When you wrap your ATV – whether it's a Kawasaki, Yamaha, Polaris or any other type – you can guarantee your ride will take on an awesome personality...yours! Check out a few of these bad boys to see what we're talkin' about! This Kawasaki Teryx 4 took on a pretty major transformation going from yellow to black thanks to Car Wrap City's installation of an Avery Dennison gloss black vinyl material. Here's a 2015 Yamaha Viking 6 that transformed from a lean, mean, green machine to a mix of the original green and an "Oak Ambush" camouflage complete with a matte finish. Next up is this 2014 Polaris Ranger XP which shed its green coloring for a full-wrap of a "Shadow...
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When it comes to wrapped trucks pulling wrapped trailers, nothing trumps a smooth, transitional design flow from one to the other. Taking advantage of the mobile real estate of both a truck and trailer opens up a whole new world of wrap design possibilities…   When Jab Motorsports contacted Car Wrap City they already had a design worked up but needed someone to professionally clean it up, print it out and do the installation – which is why they called the King of Wraps! The design of the cab’s wrap physically continues into the trailer’s wrap which ties it all in together with a sense of completion.     G2 Contractors Roofing & Construction are no strangers when it comes to coordinating wraps. Here you can see how the design elements are very similar yet are constructed according to what is most efficient for each platform.   Foam My Walls...
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Matte finishes are sleek and sophisticated yet sometimes overlooked when it comes to designing a businesses' mobile marketing fleet. When someone thinks of a matte wrap, they are generally picturing an exquisite color change on a fierce, personal-use vehicle but...and listen up guys this is a big deal...a matte finish makes for an ultra-classy, high-end look for commercial wraps too!   This wrap for LG Networks is a prime example of a minimalist take on a mobile marketing tool with a hint of modernistic edge - the logo pops in gloss red. Mixing and matching different finishes in the same wrap is a great way to set your wrap apart and add visual interest to your design (which leads to more eyeballs, more interest and more customers). LG Networks has been providing IT services throughout DFW since 2010. They provide IT support and managed network services for a simple, flat...
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The next Cityzen Spotlight is here! Carlos Estrada is one of Car Wrap City's talented installers. He is a certified installer and trained with famed wrap expert, Justin Pate. Carlos started with us back in August 2012 and has been an indispensable member of the team ever since. He brings a fun energy, technical skill and a passion for vehicle wraps to the install team, and we couldn't be more appreciative of his hard work and dedication to CWC. ...
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This design for Allen Culinary Expressions covers all the meal bases and boy-oh-boy do they look delicious! Can you believe this vehicle was transformed into a culinary masterpiece after serving as an ambulance? When you think about it, repurposing an ambulance into a catering food truck makes a lot of sense, especially if you plan to turn it into a mobile billboard by wrapping it! Designing a wrap for this type of vehicle may seem pretty easy at first glance, but once you sink your teeth in you'll realize there are several potential trouble spots. It is incredibly important to keep in mind any breaks that may occur in the design. In this instance, each one of the compartments on the outside of the upcycled ambulance had to be considered when placing images to make sure door seams didn't skew the design. The in-house designer for Allen Culinary Expressions did...
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