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You might be wondering how the FLS Microjet travels from one event to the next. Is it maneuvered through the skies like it’s 007 predecessor, the BD-5, flown by James Bond in Octopussy? With speeds topping 320mph, it certainly could make the haul, but this extraordinary jet-powered aircraft saves its fuel for the airshows and is instead transported via trailer. Car Wrap City had the privilege of wrapping both the FLS Microjet and the truck and trailer, which chauffeurs the aerobatic aircraft all over the nation. We’re excited to present the jet to you, but before we do we want to shine the spotlight on its (newly spiffed-up) ride. A matching wrap on both your truck and trailer can be an eye-catching way to stand out on the road. Coordinated designs are aesthetically pleasing, allow for much more design space and can tell a full story from grill to tailpipe. You...
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It’s Friday which means it’s time to blow off steam and forget about responsibility for at least a night or two! There are so many ways to kick back and relax so how will you choose? Perhaps hearing about the ultimate party bar will make your decision easier. Thanks to Hollywood’s Productions, Inc. this bad boy is loaded with the works including features like: four 42-inch plasma TVs, thirty attached bar stools, a sound system that is iPod compatible, bar lighting, ceiling fans, and keg compatibility just to name a few. From a company standpoint, this mobile party bar as well as many other products produced by Hollywood’s Productions, Inc. are great for getting your name out there, especially when you team up with us for a completely customized wrap to really make your brand stand out. “The Mobile Party Bar combines all the aspects of a sports bar into an...
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Texas A&M University-Commerce has been a big-name university since 1889 who not only cares about people and relationships but also focuses on achieving success. It is with this combination of characteristics they are able to remain in the elite group of desirable campuses in which to achieve a higher education as well as make friends, memories, and build the necessary confidence to compete in today’s marketplace. Once a heightened status has been reached, how is it they are able to remain ahead of the pack? Texas A&M University-Commerce is no stranger to competition; just like other top companies they understand how important it is to stay ahead of their rivals. In order to do this they have to start thinking outside of the box, which is where we come in.   Uniform service vehicles project a professional and successful image. When it comes down to it, every minute detail matters. Just like...
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Wall wraps are a super easy way to add pizazz to any room, whether you’re wrapping all the walls or just a couple of accent walls. Paint is messy, there’s no way around it especially if you don’t hire professionals to perform color changes for you. Sure, paint wars can be fun but do you really want to see it all over your trim, ceiling, or flooring? Wall wraps don’t pose the same messy threat that paint does.   Ever dreamed of having a beautiful mural painted in your home, office, or classroom (just to name a few wrappable walls)? Hiring someone to paint your mural can cost a ton plus you have to worry about the quality of work as well as smudges or accidental scratches and stains after it’s been painted. With a wall wrap you can rest assured that even if an accident occurs and it’s somehow...
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Have you ever seen a masculine butterfly? We hadn’t either, until now! This new design for Monarch I.T. is a completely different direction from their last wrap and we think it’s the perfect way to sport a Monarch butterfly on the side of this Ford F-150. Vinyl wraps don’t have to be “full” wraps in order to be effective, though it does allow for more eye catching design work when there is a larger canvas to work on. If you have a smaller budget or just want something in a quicker time frame while you contemplate what you’d like a full wrap to look like, a partial wrap and/or decals and cut vinyl lettering might be the solution for you. The Monarch I.T. wrap is a great example of both placing a decal on the side as well as cut vinyl lettering. The colors pop against the black background which makes...
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One of the quickest and easiest ways to get noticed is to wrap your vehicle in a fun, bright color! We challenge you to try your hardest not to take notice of this vibrant yellow service vehicle wrapped for “Service Master Restore” when you see it out on the road. Try as you might, it’s impossible NOT to see it go by, which is exactly what you want your wrap to do for you. When you decide to invest in a business wrap to advertise for your company it is your goal to make that wrap work as hard as possible, which is why we have a special team of highly skilled in-house designers ready to help bring your creative needs to life.   Happen to find yourself in need of disaster repair services? Take a peek at the Service Master Restore website to see how they can help...
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Elite Custom Boats certainly didn’t hook a dud with the fabrication of this lean, mean fishing machine! Our graphic artist tasked with bringing Elite’s custom design ideas to life had a chance to let loose with some wild colors and the outcome is totally rad! It’s a good thing our install team is patient and has several sets of steady hands because with boat wraps each side is one long panel in order to create the most seamless application possible.    Wondering where you can get your own Elite Custom Boat? Sail over to to find out more or you can call 903-271-8431 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a customized quote! ...
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Even though this company is over a century old, it looks as though they’re doing a pretty great job keeping up with newfangled equipment! This t-tiny Scoot Coupe is great for rocking vibrant colors, especially this bright blue. Wrapping this baby may not have been an easy task with its small frame and numerous curves but with our expert-certified install team we were able to knock it out of the park. For more info on Totelcom’s services check out   ...
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    Terry’s Chevrolet Silverado is a partial wrap consisting of the cabin doors, tailgate, perforated material on the back window, and vinyl lettering on the sides of the bed. Since the truck was already black, our designers incorporated black into the wrap as well in order to tie it all together. If you look closely, you’ll notice the Chevy emblem was wrapped over; some customers opt to do this if they don’t want it in the way of their design while others prefer the look of the emblem (usually more in color-change wraps).   "Hey just wanted to say thanks so much What an amazing install job. My truck looks fantastic" - Terry Sanders Reading positive feedback always makes a person swell with pride and the vehicle wrap industry is no different. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make each and every wrap...
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"I recently purchased a new Dodge Viper and wanted to protect the factory paint. After researching my options, I decided a full vinyl wrap would accomplish this goal and made the most economical sense for me. This option would also allow me to create a custom look for my new Viper. I spoke with a few local shops and decided to go with Car Wrap City based on their reputation and the price quoted for my desired look. The owner, Scott contacted me directly to discuss my vision and made me feel my business was important to him. He and his designer, Tatiana, provided color samples and discussed the preparation and wrap process. After confirming the colors and patterns were satisfactory, I dropped my car off at their shop. When I picked it up two days later it had been transformed an entirely new vehicle! The first thing I noticed was...
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Had my roof wrapped in gloss black by Car Wrap City. Had to drive over an hour to get to their shop but the experience was extremely professional, prompt, and the price was unbeatable by the three other shops I contacted (even with the gas and time spent driving).I scheduled an appointment, was an hour late on them, yet when I arrived, the entire team took care of me. They took the time to make sure all of the vinyl was cleaned up, explain how to care for the it, and had me out in less than 1.5 hours. Every employee treated me like a friend and I felt at home and a highly valued customer. Would highly recommend   source:
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You better fold now if you think Car Wrap City is bluffing about being all in for Mutoh’s exhibit at SEMA this year…. That’s right…we packed up and headed out for Sin City to be a part of the Mutoh, America Inc. booth. We had the privilege of working with not only the Mutoh team but also alongside legendary wrap guru Justin Pate too! Two of the guys from our stellar install team had a great time getting their wrap on while patrons of the show watched with “ooohs” and “aaaahhhs” as they transformed a Chevy Camaro into a true Vegas worthy ride. I’m sure with everything going on our install buddies had a wild time while off the clock in the city that never sleeps but before coming home they made sure to perfect their poker faces so I guess we’ll never know.   For those of you who...
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Riddle me this: What do Ford, Fort Worth, & Wrap-o-lanterns have in common? Halloween with Car Wrap City of course! Halloween is a holiday many people take seriously and it looks like Ford is no exception! Instead of being tricked patrons of the Fort Worth Auto Show were given quite a treat to look at while checking out the Ford area with this spooky little car! Children and adults alike gathered around to take a look at the great pumpkin-mobile. Car Wrap City was given the honor of making this cute “wrap-o-lantern” come to life Wednesday before the festivities of the show started. Those who were working behind the scenes to get everything ready for guests of the show had the opportunity to see one of our Avery Dennison certified installers live in action as he applied this wrap. We want to give a big thank you to our friends...
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 Go big or go home… Going big is exactly what Car Wrap City did when we teamed up with big name Avery Denison to bring a whole new experience to the Grand Prix of Houston. If you went to the Grand Prix to see the races it would be a safe bet that you expected to see various vendors throughout the grounds putting their wares on display, hoping to catch your eye.What you probably didn’t expect was to see four vehicles on display in a booth, three of which were to be wrapped live for your viewing pleasure. Well folks, that is exactly the treat Car Wrap City and Avery Dennison teamed up to give you!Guests of the show were invited to swing by our booth and watch as we completely transformed three entire vehicles over the course of the weekend using the material we prefer to use which is made,...
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Hi guys,   I saw the TAPS bus yesterday with the DAC wrap on it at the "dedication" held at Heritage Park in Denison.  I just wanted to tell you guys that I think the wrap looks fantastic!!  You did an excellent job.  Thanks to you, Tatiana, Mark and Mike for making our vision a reality.   Looking forward to seeing the curbside of the bus!   Best regards,   Robyn-- Robyn Raggio Director of Image Development Denison Arts Council   ...
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You’ve heard the expression, “Let’s shed a little light on the subject”.  Well here at Car Wrap City, we do that both figuratively and literally! Here on our website our “About” tab is filled with a great deal of information, not only about our company, but about graphic design, the wrap process, wrap materials, wrap installation, and more. Our favorite customers are those who have done their homework and are as excited as we are about how their vehicle is going to look after its transformation. We love talking shop and are always happy to answer your questions. So we “shed light” on what we do in that way. But we also shed a LOT of light on the subject when we are actually wrapping a vehicle. Our climate controlled wrap installation area has lighting that would allow an aircraft to land on a moonless night! These high intensity lights spaced at...
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I’ve been telling people about the fact that Car Wrap City has one of the very best installer teams in the industry.  It’s a combination of their talent, their attentiveness, their precision, and the money we’ve invested in their training.  I expect them to deliver excellent results when they wrap a vehicle and they do—every time.  But there’s one aspect of these guys most people find totally unexpected—almost startling! They’re relatively young—expected.  Only a young person could contort themselves into the positions and spaces required to do a truly great wrap installation—or would want to.  They’re “inked” (as it’s called now)—expected.  While these young men are bright and highly trained, wrapping a vehicle is, after all, a trade and they look like young men working in a trade do.  They listen to music while they work—expected. Young people, if allowed, will have their favorite “tunes” on in the room when they work....
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  I’ve been thinking about the pride we have in the work that we do here at Car Wrap City.  You always hear pride is one of the seven deadly sins.  But it doesn’t really feel wrong to me to be proud of how our customer’s vehicles look when they leave our shop.  Deadly sin? I don’t know.  I figure pride can be either a virtue or a vice depending on whether it’s deserved.  I look at other car wrap web sites and I see a lot of them use the expression “We pride ourselves on our work”.  I’ve seen their work.  No comment. The bottom line is that it may be old fashioned and even corny.  But we feel, not just contented, but truly fulfilled when we deliver a vehicle we’ve wrapped.  We’ve got the best and most dedicated designers, printers, and installers. So I suppose, since our pride, our...
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It's a subtle change, but those of you paying very close attention (you know who you are) may have noticed we have tweaked our name a bit. We are very proud to be "Car Wrap City" (recently Cars Wraps and formerly Texoma Wraps). This recent refining of our name is the final step in our outward transformation . But you'll be pleased to know that nothing has changed with regard to the quality and service you've come to expect. Car Wrap City still stands for nothing less than superior quality in the auto wrap industry! ...
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We were honored to be entrusted by the Dallas Cowboys with their 57' “Dallas Cowboys On Tour Pro Shop”.  Our installers enjoyed the interesting new twist of wrapping a sign which folds down for traveling to games and then pops up when this moving Pro Shop is parked to sell Official Cowboy’s merchandise to the inevitable throngs of “away game” fans. Wrapping the large doors on the side which open to reveal the store when the truck is parked was fairly routine, but working with the iconic colors and logos of the famous Dallas Cowboys was not. We here at Car Wrap City are big fans of the Dallas Cowboys so we hope they appreciate the good luck we installed along with the wrap services we provided.All we have to say is...Look for more wins on the road this season!   ...
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