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Our clients find their way back to us for numerous reasons. Many of our commercial clients return because they’ve expanded their fleets, but some return because life has thrown some unexpected curveballs. From dings and scratches to weather damage and vandalism…we thought we had seen it all… Blain Services is a client we’ve worked with in the past to transform their service van into a mobile billboard. When they contacted us again for additional vinyl wraps we were happy to help. But once they told us the story behind their need for a new wrap, we were pretty flabbergasted. Unfortunately, the van we previously wrapped had been stolen and vandalized beyond repair! Sometimes it can be difficult to see the silver lining of a storm cloud, but when you search it’s almost always there. This was a perfect opportunity for Blain Services to tweak their previous design and give it a...
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The Alpha Romeo Fiat of McKinney dealership recently received a fresh, updated look for one of their promotional vehicles in order to show off the new vehicles in their inventory – the Alpha Romeo - and it looks sharp! With their new addition, the Alpha Romeo Fiat of McKinney is now the largest Fiat dealership in North Texas, which is definitely a great reason to update the look of their mobile billboard. Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with them to create several unique looks. We’ve seen their designs tweaked each time to grow and expand alongside the dealership. The full wrap previous to their newest took a completely different design direction and was designed, printed, and installed in time to show off for the 2014 DFW Auto Show. It was definitely a crowd pleaser on display upon a tall lift in our booth and also...
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Car Wrap City would like to take this time to recognize and thank all the brave men and women who have fought and lost their lives for this country we call home. Without their dedication and sacrifice this country would not be the land of the free nor the home of the brave. As fortunate as we are in this country, it’s often easy to lose sight of what this day truly stands for - a time to memorialize the fallen soldiers and the families who still grieve for their loved ones. We would like to encourage everyone to take a moment and reach out to thank the family of a soldier who chose to lay their life on the line for this country and for each and every one of us. Old Glory, one of the most recognizable symbols of this nation, is a flag we should be proud to...
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Keeping a city functioning properly is no small task, which is why many of them are divided into numerous departments. Each department – from emergency services, waste management, and utilities, to animal services, legal and recreational – serve both as an individual unit and in conjunction with one another to keep the city running its best. More often than you'd think, each department chooses to boost awareness and keep their government vehicles looking sharp by implementing vinyl wraps! More than a year ago, the city of Sherman chose Car Wrap City to design and install a wrap on one of their trailers to promote awareness of the pretreatment services. Covering the trailer in a bright, colorful wrap was a great way to get noticed as well as to prevent it from being just another boring old trailer. Recently the city contacted us again for a full wrap on their 2010 Chevrolet...
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There’s no need to check your vision because you are definitely seeing double! Hutchins Plumbing and AC contacted Car Wrap City initially for one wrap with a specific budget, but instead went home with two new wraps. In order to reduce vinyl costs, spot graphics were utilized instead of full vinyl panels. Spot graphics are a good choice for vehicles that have a great looking paint job that can act as a background. The only design specification given was to include an “H” on the hood and “something nice” on the sides… easy enough. Once the design ball started rolling, the designer moved toward a very clean, professional look. All the company information is lined up in a uniform format and represents a very well put together business. The website was designed to really stand out against the background in a bright yellow to make sure potential clients are able to...
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Spreading the gospel is a major part of ministry, and that sometimes requires a little creativity to get the message noticed. Many churches already have vans and/or busses to aid in their ministry, so why not get creative and use those as a tool for spreading the word? The vinyl wrap on this shuttle bus for the First Pentecostal Church of Gainesville is a partial wrap and covers the majority of both sides, including the windows. The background colors used are bright and beautiful to give a sense of peacefulness and joy, while the logo and contact information are bold and were made to be easily read. On the windows you’ll find a picture of the beautiful building where members of the congregation come together to worship. This custom designed partial wrap was printed on Avery Dennison vinyl wrap material using one of our wide-format Mutoh printers. If you’ve got a...
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Finding a marketing solution for your business can be a harrowing task, especially when you have set a specific budget. With so many options available to you, how do you know which one will give you the best bang for your buck? A few great questions to start with are: How much exposure will each marketing solution get you? Will potential customers be able to easily digest your information or will they be rushed to read as they're passing by? Will you have to fork over a recurring fee to keep your advertisement in place? Will the solutions be able to quickly pay for themselves, multiple times over? We may be slightly partial, but vinyl wraps as a mobile marketing solution can provide a highly satisfactory answer to each of these questions. A wrap will get you a high amount of exposure; wherever you take your vehicle you can guarantee it...
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Designed Atmospheres – a company that knows all about delivering the ultimate customer service experience with high quality products – recently contacted Car Wrap City to design and install a wrap for their 2008 Ford E-series cargo van. With only a minimal amount of direction – “clean lines and not busy” – Tyson set to work creating just the right design. The design of this wrap covers roughly three-quarters of the van and utilizes the original white paint to tie everything together. Several pops of blue draw your attention in and direct your eye to the center of the wrap where you catch a glimpse of what the company has to offer. Designed Atmospheres specializes in creating the most cost-effective home entertainment systems. They help integrate entertainment systems and equipment so it works without pressing numerous “on” buttons, which may seem small but most definitely will make your life much easier....
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Custom designed vinyl wraps are used for a multitude of purposes, one of which is special events. For special events, it is not uncommon for a client to have a wrap designed and installed only to have it removed shortly thereafter. One such wrap was for Children’s Hospital event. The agency taking part in the event needed a food truck, but the only available truck to rent was a bold red…which didn’t fit the look they wanted. So…what did they do? They called the wrap experts! The red food truck luckily was wrapped instead of wearing an “iffy” paint job so that made the decision to wrap much easier. It was decided that a brand new, event-ready wrap would  be installed in time to show off at the children’s hospital. Then, it would be brought back for removal and to install a fresh, solid red wrap using Avery Dennison Carmine Red...
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Car Wrap City designers love when they're able to let out their creativity and create a wild, colorful wrap! When a client comes in and requests something fun and crazy, our designers set their imaginations free to create the wildest design possible. Recently, not one but two separate clients wished to turn their vehicles into incredible eye-catching mobile billboards.   This colorful airboat received a full, custom-designed wrap with plenty of "pop" to catch anyone's eye. The lime green really stands out against the purple and black background, but the design isn't so busy that you lose sight of the logos for McKinster's Bowfishing.   Another totally tubular design was created for this 1961 Ford Econoline van. The client wanted to go in a direction that was "hippy" but at the same time wanted to maintain a surfer theme. In order to satisfy both cravings, the artist pulled bright colors...
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Do you have a habit of losing your vehicle in the vast sea of parked cars? Parking lots get crowded no matter where you go – the grocery store, malls, recreational parks – just to name a few. How would it make you feel to know there is a way to set your car apart from the dozens of other owners who have purchased similar vehicles to yours? Have we piqued your interest? Good! Keep reading…   Having a fun, unique vinyl wrap designed for your vehicle is a great way to set your car apart from the many others like it on the road. The great thing about custom-designed wraps is that a wrap can truly be customized to represent your unique tastes. There’s no need to wrap your entire vehicle if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, our designers can work with each individual’s budget and produce a...
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We don’t mean to cause alarm but…we’re thrilled about the new vinyl wraps on the Four Feathers Alarm fleet! Wrapping your company’s fleet with a uniform design is an excellent solution for conveying to your clients – both current and potential – the professionalism and dedication you put into your business in order to ensure they’re receiving the highest quality product or service available in today’s competitive market. The Four Feathers Alarm fleet is comprised of six vehicles in three different body styles including three older-style and two new Chevy Transit Connect vans, as well as one Chevrolet truck with the camper shell. In order to reflect the Native American heritage of the company, the design elements included an arrow-head as the base for the background of the wrap which helped compliment the company’s logo.   As a business dealing with all things security related (fire alarms, security alarms, camera systems,...
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Tyson is one of Car Wrap City's talented designers. He has more than 10 years of experience designing car wraps, and has been an integral part of growing our business. He continues to impress us with his creativity and talent. Life is a journey of finding where you belong. The journey itself can be hard, but at the end, it all makes sense. Car Wrap City exists for people like Tyson - super talented, loves his job, loves his company, loves his family at home and at work. Loyalty is everything to Tyson, he gives his best to both the celebrity client and the hardworking tradesman. Not sure which is greater, his talent or his heart! Thank you for choosing us... Welcome home! ...
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Brand new stripes on this sexy Porsche! This is a great ride for custom wrap accent pieces - red carbon fiber on the spoiler and bottom of the mirrors as well as carmine red on the lower front bumper and hood stripe. ...
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Desperate times call for desperate measures; sometimes those desperate measures include needing a new vinyl wrap "yesterday". Car Wrap City understands that sometimes clients are in a pinch and need their wrap – from design to installation – done in a hurry so we're here to help save the day! In order to produce everything you need in the short amount of time you need it, there are a few things you'll need to know. Q – Can my design be produced as quickly as I need it? A – Yes! But here's the catch; in order to push out your design quickly and get it ready to print, you'll need to be on your "A-game" when it comes to promptly responding to your designer with your thoughts, any changes you would like to make, and any additional design elements you wish to see. The more quickly you respond the more...
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Navis Pack & Ship recently came to Car Wrap City in need of…yes, you guessed it…vinyl wraps! Often companies come to us with multiple vehicles of different makes and models but wish to have a uniform design of almost identical wraps that are designed specifically to fit each different fleet vehicle. This, however, was not the case for Navis! The two vehicles brought to us for wraps were a minivan and a box truck. Instead of doing a large version of the minivan wrap on the box truck, Navis chose to take a different approach. The color scheme remained the same in both wraps, utilizing the blue and white but the overall look of these two couldn’t be more different from one another. The wrap on this 2004 GMC Safari Minivan covers the entire vehicle and includes the company name, logo, and contact information in large print, as well as images...
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If you're looking for a truly unique vehicle then look no've come to the right place! Polaris offers this funky little ride they've dubbed with the name Slingshot - but don't let the size fool you! This bad boy offers slightly more than 170hp making it more than just an ATV. These slingshots are street legal and have a fierce look that both bike and sports car enthusiasts alike can appreciate. Within the last month, Car Wrap City has been asked to wrap several of these neat rides. The first two are for a company that has more than 60 years of experience and a proven track record of specializing in multi-family and commercial construction. Extreme Commercial & Residential Construction is a Dallas-based business, and we're thrilled they've chosen to keep business local for their vinyl wrap needs. We look forward to working with these awesome guys again in the future! Pictured...
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New clients often approach Car Wrap City in need of a wrap, but without design ideas. They may have one or two things they really want to see in their design – a specific picture, color, or information – but as far as the design as a whole, they're in need of direction. Situations like this allow our highly skilled and creative design team to really shine. Of course they are more than happy to recreate a design for those who already know exactly what they want, but when told "work your magic" the sky truly is the limit. Featured here are two of the recent projects Car Wrap City has had the pleasure of working on. The first – Star Auto – is a business that recently decided to broaden their customer base. For many years they went by the name Star Auto Body, but after expanding their services and...
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Companies are modified for a multitude of reasons – names, branding, products and services offered – just to name a few. Sometimes these changes are necessary due to the product/service direction becoming obsolete, or perhaps the name just isn’t catchy enough to snag the attention needed. No matter what the reason may be, when your business calls for brand marketing changes you’ll be glad your mobile billboards were wrapped instead of painted! One of the valuable benefits of wrapping versus painting is that making changes to a wrap can be a cinch. Whether it’s something as simple as a name change, or the marketing direction is taking a complete 180, your vinyl wrap can be made to keep in sync with your branding needs. Previously this company was named “289 Construction” – a name based on the highway they once were located on. When relocating the company, they decided it was...
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Car Wrap City loves vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and design but once in a while we are given the opportunity to wrap something unique that isn’t a vehicle at all! One such project is a photo booth for JCPenney! Photo booths are becoming increasingly popular – not only do you see them in busy places such as malls and carnivals but now we see them popping up as wedding props, birthday shenanigans, and even in some bars. It only makes sense to utilize the blank canvas the outside of a photo booth provides as a marketing tool. This photo booth was designed to have a retro feel with the pastel mint and white coloring on each panel. In addition to the cute color scheme, on the front is a brief description of the photos offered by this chic booth – black and white photos with 4 snapshots in each session....
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