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When it comes to personal vehicle customization the sky is the limit. Some owners choose to completely change their vehicle's color by purchasing a full or complete color change (click here for a reminder of the difference between full vs complete color changes), while others decide to go with a "less is more" approach - which can also change a vehicle's appearance in its entirety. This tough Ford Raptor looks like a totally different truck with its fresh, new graphics on the sides while still showing off the original paint. This beautiful, brand new 2015 Ford Mustang received a sharp, subtle facelift...just enough to personalize the look for the proud owner, while still maintaining the vehicle's original look. The carbon fiber pieces on the hood vents and between the rear lights are custom designed specifically to suit our client's taste. Additionally, the hood, front bumper, and behind the rear wheels are...
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Smaller-scale wrap projects can present some unique challenges, but Car Wrap City welcomes any "fun-size" project you send our way. Wrapping items that are out of the ordinary can prove difficult simply because not all surfaces are ideal for vinyl adhesive to stick to. Generally it's best to bring your project to one of our offices for our staff to examine so we can make sure you're getting the best suited material for your unique needs. Coin banks (and other automated machinery like ATMs, game machines, and much more) make for a great canvas to showcase your company info, as well as jazzing up the colors using vinyl wraps. Special event and holiday wraps can keep your clients in the know, and are are easily swapped out with a more general info wrap as needed. Coolers are a great item to have wrapped for company use...they make great prize giveaways, they're...
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This bus previously served as transportation for a church, and it's a true testament to the difference a wrap can make. A wrap can accomplish an extreme makeover and establish the statement you want to make with your business. Custom-designed vinyl wraps can take your mobile billboard from drab to fab in a fraction of the time it would take to apply a new paint job (and for a fraction of the price). Before:   After: After acquiring this roomy bus, the proud owners decided it was time for a new look that represented their business, the "RiverView RV & Recreational Park" of Colbert, Oklahoma. The design elements of this wrap reflect an outdoorsy, wildlife feel – and quite literally! The forest adorning the bus includes actual photographs of the park on the windows (a perforated window wrap). Strategically colored white and blue lettering describing the amenities and contact information really pop...
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Custom vinyl wraps are a great solution for any business, we can't say it enough! When it comes to mobile marketing, one huge benefit of wrapping versus painting (other than being more budget friendly) is our ability to include a high-resolution image of a team member that serves as the "face" of the business or organization. Personalized wraps can be handy for folks like real estate agents, salespeople and insurance agents. For potential customers, putting a face to a name can make a world of difference in that they feel an instant connection, familiarity and a sense of rapport even before a face-to-face interaction occurs. As we mentioned, real estate agents really benefit from showcasing themselves via vinyl mobile marketing. Take The Wall Team for example. A "local legacy", Larry and Laurie Wall have built a real estate business by establishing deep roots in their community. They are their own brand....
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When it comes to purchasing equipment for a business in the towing industry there are not many colors to choose from. Generally, only three basic colors are available: black, white, or red. If one of those three colors happens to fit your color scheme, that's great! But when you stop and consider just how many competitors also use the same color, it's really not so great. Sharing a common color scheme with your competitors creates the risk of would-be customers mistaking you for the "other" guys. So what do you do to keep this from happening? You could consider a custom paint job, but who wants to pay thousands of dollars for a top-notch custom, single-color job (any personalized artwork you might desire would be extra)? Not to mention all the revenue the body shop will tow away from your bank account should you need body repair work. Here's a...
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Partial wraps are a secure solution for meeting your organization's marketing needs. Whether your business is a non-profit organization or you're sitting at the top of Forbes list, you need advertising to spread the word about what service or product you offer. Dynapost is one such company that has recognized the potential reach of mobile marketing. They made the savvy business decision to wrap their Ford Transit Connect to showcase the type of company they are and what they specialize in. As a company that specializes in not only selling video surveillance equipment, but installation as well, Dynapost understands the importance of making sure everything goes smoothly from start to finish. It is with this professional insight that Dynapost can rest assured that they've found the "World's Greatest" wrap company to make sure their wrap experience is a success from beginning to end. Car Wrap City – 877-819-7277 – "World's...
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Camouflage designs come in all types of patterns and colors, which makes it highly versatile in the diverse world of wraps. When you first think of camo you probably associate it with hunting but there are many, many other ways to incorporate it into vehicle wraps other than for a hunting truck. So far we've shown you partial and accent camo wraps on trucks, as well as an entire Chrysler 300 wrapped in camo, but here's a different spin...camo for a company vehicle. "D's Powerwash and Stripe" has decided a camouflage company wrap is just what they need to power up their business and wash away the competitors. Whatever your camo needs may be, make sure to check out the patterns we keep in stock by clicking here. If none of those are quite what you're looking for, don't forget we can also custom-design a pattern and color to suit your...
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You may find yourself wondering how important it really is to take care of your vinyl wrap once it's installed. Surely leaving dirt and debris on it until you make it to the car wash couldn't hurt it too much...right? Wrong! Take a look at these two vehicles. The above photos show the vehicles freshly wrapped, and the photos below depict their current state. Now tell us, which do you think is the older wrap? It has to be the one which is faded, cracking, and peeling right? Think again... The vinyl on the second vehicle was installed a little more than a year ago but without proper wrap care (like leaving it dirty for prolonged periods of time and using automated car washes with harsh bristles), it could easily pass for a wrap installed five or six years ago. On the other end of the spectrum is a vehicle...
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The surfaces of box trucks make for fantastic wrap canvases, especially when used for commercial advertising. The sides of box trucks are generally very large and flat - two highly accommodating features when it comes to vinyl application and creating vibrant mobile billboards. We're not saying we don't love curves or challenges by any means... but keeping a healthy supply of box truck wraps on the schedule makes for a great workload and a happy install crew. On a previous wrap, we showed off a customer's choice to wrap the rear of their Mercedes Commercial Sprinter with a design including what appeared to be numerous stacked boxes ready to tumble out due to the rear being left open. Here we present to you another take on the same concept for a local Dallas lumber company "Davis-Hawn Lumber and Architectural Millworks". Instead of stacked boxes, Davis-Hawn decided to incorporate shelves of woodworking...
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♫ You're so vain, you probably think this blog is about you...♫ Well actually... it is! Vanity wraps are becoming more and more popular as the vinyl industry grows. Each new texture and color released paves the way for hundreds of unique wrap design ideas. So, what exactly is a vanity wrap? In a nutshell, any wrap that is for personal use instead of advertising and marketing purposes is a "vanity wrap". These type wraps are the quickest, easiest and most affordable way to completely customize the color and style of your vehicle. And vanity wraps aren't limited to just solid colors – they can be customized with any mix of vinyl or graphic designs you can dream up as well. Generally when you purchase a vinyl "color-change" wrap, add decals, or choose to wrap specific accent pieces, you wrap will fall into the "vanity" column - which by no means...
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Car Wrap City, like many companies in today's marketplace, boasts a unique product/service. It's not uncommon for us to cross paths with other companies who take their wares to a higher level of awesome. A great example of such a company is "COOLHAUS" which specializes in pushing the boundaries of traditional desserts. COOLHAUS already had a great looking service truck, so we just needed to enhance the design by adding their cool logos and contact information using vinyl decals in black and bold, eye-catching pink. The truck's multi-material finish combined with the vinyl lettering helps give it an urban, architectural feel that is perfect for the company theme, which is "architecturally-inspired gourmet ice cream". You may be wondering what the deal with the ice cream and architectural connection is...we sure were. We decided to explore the history a bit and found that, according to the COOLHAUS website, the inspiration for...
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At Car Wrap City you'll find no tricks when it comes to vinyl wraps...only treats! Just ask the proud owners of this brand new, partially-wrapped commercial vehicle. (If you need a quick refresher as to what a "partial" includes click here.) This Universal Billiards Ford F150 received a fresh, new look just in time for the holiday season to begin. We're willing to bet you could find some great gifts for that special someone who has been extra nice this year if you shop at Universal Billiards... This design was created with the white paint in mind so there is a "flow" as opposed to a quick, sloppy design that feels misplaced. Instead of bullet points showcasing the business inventory, the products are listed in a trendy, effortless style that is more pleasing to the eye. On the rear of the vehicle the designer made sure to incorporate the messaging that...
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Vinyl wraps are incredibly versatile and are used for everything from commercial vehicles, windows, and walls to personal color changes, accents, and decals…and everything else in between. One of the many exciting parts of being a leader in the vinyl wrap industry is designing and installing wraps for big-name contests and events. Wrapping vehicles is a great way to market an event, and a vehicle is especially useful for marketing multiple events because sponsors and other information can be swapped out with the use of decals. All wraps are non-permanent, but decals are super easy to remove and replace. Take this ’69 Ford Boss Mustang funny car, or this CyrusOne McLaren for the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix™, for example: The funny car debuted at the NHRA Fall Nationals in September, 2014.  The McLaren was wrapped for the Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas (coming up this...
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School spirit plays a major role in the lives of many who are involved in the education system: students, teachers, volunteers, and why shouldn't the school busses be included? NCTA had this bus wrapped in the school colors and mascot theme, the Pioneers.   Whether you want the entire bus to be covered with your school colors or have only decals designed to represent your mascot and school name, Car Wrap City has you covered. Wraps are a great solution for adding flair to school busses without having to worry about making a permanent decision (like paint). This DeSoto Eagles bus had decals installed over its existing paint job. It's common for busses to be sold after being in the route rotation, which means the next school or facility may not appreciate a permanent paint job. When you choose to wrap instead of paint, this becomes a moot point...
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Police vehicles are easy to spot (usually when it’s too late). Nobody really enjoys seeing a police vehicle cruising up from behind, beside, or in their general vicinity…mostly because we can all fess up to having a lead foot from time to time. Why is it that we all recognize the police when we see them? Because each force has a fleet of uniform vehicles that have been wrapped. Each fleet of police units has its own wrap style. Some cities choose to keep it old school with the classic black and white bands, while others decide to modernize the typical cop look with stylized strips of white placed across the vehicle and more up-to-date fonts. For this Fredericktown Police unit, we printed the vinyl and shipped it off to them to install (rendering below):   For the Choctaw Tribal Police fleet, we installed the uniform wraps below:   Sherman PD...
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A vehicle with a color change wrap becomes a horse of a different color... or in this particular case, several hundred horses. This beautiful Porsche Panamera underwent a transformation from dark blue to sleek, sophisticated gloss black with carbon fiber accents. The owner teetered between a light icy blue vinyl and this gloss black, and both vinyl colors on this car looked stunning. In this case it's simply a matter of individual taste. Some people prefer a class look, while other prefer a loud colorful vehicle. We cater to all! Which color will you choose for your wrap? Call 877-81-WRAPS today and let us help create your very own "horse" of a different color....
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Once in a while, Car Wrap City is asked to design and install an especially unique project. This custom RC Crawler definitely fits that category with the new, full wrap it recently received. The owner of this bad boy had a few design directions for his CWC designer to follow... The "RC Fabworks" logo needed to be placed on the sides along with a pin-up style nurse. During the design process it was discovered that this was no ordinary nurse, she was in fact the nurse of Dr. Evil. The initial instructions for the hood wrap were to create a "skull with a shredded up surgical mask and teeth showing" but later morphed into surgeon-creature with the requested shredded mask and teeth. To add design flair and tie it all together, the images were placed on a black background with blood red splotches and skulls throughout. Upon seeing the project's...
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The clean, simplistic look of this partial wrap was an excellent design choice for Pine Valley Landscapes. With a color combination evoking a fresh, organic look, Car Wrap City was able use the vehicle’s original paint color to create a wrap that is both cohesive with the brand and cost-effective. Using pine green in conjunction with a pinecone accent in their logo, Pine Valley Landscapes hits all the brand recognition nails on the head. Making this van work for them as part of their marketing campaign will help customers in their area recall their brand and function in no time. Much like Car Wrap City, Pine Valley Landscapes is dedicated to providing the best products and services for each individual customer they serve. You will find no “one size fits all” mentality here at Car Wrap City. We strive to wow our clients by custom tailoring each project to fit...
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By taking advantage of your real estate, you're making a savvy business decision...and by "real estate" we certainly don't mean to limit the definition to the land on which your office sits! Your business real estate encompasses not only the land and office space you own, but also any company vehicles you may use as well. TAPS knows all about working their real estate to get the best bang for their buck. Throughout the year, TAPS constantly revolves advertisements on the sides of their cars, vans and busses. This approach allows them to work with multiple local businesses each year, which helps them expand their marketing reach exponentially. Call Car Wrap City today at 877-81-WRAPS and see how we can boost your marketing reach via mobile real estate....
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Car Wrap City has teamed up with 360[it] to produce another eye-catching mobile billboard. The chosen look for this Nissan Versa may not be as brightly colored as some of our other designs, but the branding is cohesive with their style. With all eyes focused on their bold yellow and white logo, you can bet this car will make a lasting impression. This full-wrap is equipped with clean, crisp logos as well as easy-to-read information regarding who 360[it] is and what they do. Incorporating clear, concise imagery and information into your design is the key to embedding your business into the minds of potential customers who are seeing your commercial wrap. Keeping it "short and sweet" as opposed to having massive amounts of text makes your business much easier to remember when would-be customers are shopping for your services. No matter what your marketing style may be... "loud and proud"...
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