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When it comes to wrapped trucks pulling wrapped trailers, nothing trumps a smooth, transitional design flow from one to the other. Taking advantage of the mobile real estate of both a truck and trailer opens up a whole new world of wrap design possibilities…   When Jab Motorsports contacted Car Wrap City they already had a design worked up but needed someone to professionally clean it up, print it out and do the installation – which is why they called the King of Wraps! The design of the cab’s wrap physically continues into the trailer’s wrap which ties it all in together with a sense of completion.     G2 Contractors Roofing & Construction are no strangers when it comes to coordinating wraps. Here you can see how the design elements are very similar yet are constructed according to what is most efficient for each platform.   Foam My Walls...
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Matte finishes are sleek and sophisticated yet sometimes overlooked when it comes to designing a businesses' mobile marketing fleet. When someone thinks of a matte wrap, they are generally picturing an exquisite color change on a fierce, personal-use vehicle but...and listen up guys this is a big deal...a matte finish makes for an ultra-classy, high-end look for commercial wraps too!   This wrap for LG Networks is a prime example of a minimalist take on a mobile marketing tool with a hint of modernistic edge - the logo pops in gloss red. Mixing and matching different finishes in the same wrap is a great way to set your wrap apart and add visual interest to your design (which leads to more eyeballs, more interest and more customers). LG Networks has been providing IT services throughout DFW since 2010. They provide IT support and managed network services for a simple, flat...
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The next Cityzen Spotlight is here! Carlos Estrada is one of Car Wrap City's talented installers. He is a certified installer and trained with famed wrap expert, Justin Pate. Carlos started with us back in August 2012 and has been an indispensable member of the team ever since. He brings a fun energy, technical skill and a passion for vehicle wraps to the install team, and we couldn't be more appreciative of his hard work and dedication to CWC. ...
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This design for Allen Culinary Expressions covers all the meal bases and boy-oh-boy do they look delicious! Can you believe this vehicle was transformed into a culinary masterpiece after serving as an ambulance? When you think about it, repurposing an ambulance into a catering food truck makes a lot of sense, especially if you plan to turn it into a mobile billboard by wrapping it! Designing a wrap for this type of vehicle may seem pretty easy at first glance, but once you sink your teeth in you'll realize there are several potential trouble spots. It is incredibly important to keep in mind any breaks that may occur in the design. In this instance, each one of the compartments on the outside of the upcycled ambulance had to be considered when placing images to make sure door seams didn't skew the design. The in-house designer for Allen Culinary Expressions did...
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Have you ever been driving along, perhaps on the way to or from work, when suddenly you see a mobile billboard whiz by covered in delectably scrumptious, mouth-watering food? You know, the kind that reminds you of the conversation you’ve been having with your empty, grumbling tummy? Well, we’d apologize for that, but if that’s not the effect a wrap is having on you then the designer didn’t do their job correctly. So really, we’re sorry you’re hungry… but we’re not sorry the wrap worked! Schlotzsky’s wrapped Ford Transit XLT: Schlotzsky’s is a big name, one that most people instantly recognize and associate with scrumptious sandwiches, soups, and other assorted treats. Seeing one of their pizzas or sandwiches stare you down while you’re starving can really make you want to pull into the next Schlotzsky’s you see! You know why that is? Because the Schlotzsky’s corporate marketing team knows exactly...
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Why did the monster go into the yogurt bar? Because he saw their wrapped van with his picture and had to see what all the fuss was about! All joking aside, this Mazda MPV wrap is so amusing to look at! With an already fun logo, slogan and design to work with, Car Wrap City designers set their minds to adding slight enhancements to accentuate an already exciting creation designed by the client himself. Bright colors to catch your eye, playful fonts showcasing their contact info, and a silly mascot all work together seamlessly to create this fantastic mobile billboard. It also helps when you’re using top quality brands of the industry like Avery Dennison vinyl wrap materials and Mutoh wide format printers. Monster Yogurt is a unique take on dessert… it makes scary taste good! From self-serve, non-fat frozen yogurt (over 80 premium flavors!) and oodles of toppings (75 to...
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Shout out to all of our Houston friends and fans! If you’re from the Houston area or are planning to be in the Houston area this weekend, make sure to stop by and check out the brand new, custom designed wrap for the United States Air Force (USAF) at the Houston Auto Show which runs Wednesday, January 21st through Sunday, January 25th. Install in progress. The USAF wanted to showcase their vehicle in the Houston Auto Show but were tired of the suburban’s dated wrap and blue design scheme. The wrap also needed to be in pristine condition to represent the USAF and to be on display at the Houston Auto Show, but it was in need of repairs. Our CEO, who happens to be a former Airman, caught wind of this dilemma and took it upon himself to design, print and install a brand new wrap for them as...
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Every custom wrap must start with a design concept - whether it’s something the client sees and wants to emulate, or something the designer conceives from the ideas swirling around their creative minds… Sometimes the initial design is just the right look, but there are other times when the design must take on a completely different direction. When the owners of this gorgeously sexy Dodge Viper sent pictures of what they wanted the design to look like, Car Wrap City designer Tyson was eager to get rolling on recreating a similar look. Somewhere along the way though, the design did a complete 180 and took a completely different direction. And it certainly turned out to be a spectacular choice! Instead of an ultra-busy, race inspired look, the design evolved into sleek, simplistic stripes which compliment the curves of this beauty perfectly. Before arriving at the final, client-approved design the concept...
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A small car definitely does NOT mean your vinyl wrap will have a small impact. Whether you’re having a full wrap custom-designed for your business or you’re simply electing to add some smaller accent pieces, any vinyl Car Wrap City designs and installs for your pint-sized project will no doubt have a giant impact! Take a peek at a couple of the recent wraps we’ve created to give a fresh look to these tiny autos. You never know when you might stumble upon Car Wrap City…be it via Facebook or Instagram, seeing one of our wraps out on the road, or in this unique case - at a Maverick Porsche Club fundraiser! Linda Bambina is the proud owner of this unique little “smarty”, which is even more unique now after she participated in a silent auction and won a custom wrap from Car Wrap City. Already a feminine car with...
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In any major city you will find a variety of goods and services - Car Wrap City is no different. We may not offer the same assortment as an actual city since we specialize solely in vinyl application, but within the realm of vinyl we proudly boast a vast array of products and services. Not only do we wrap the typical projects sent our way (cars, trucks, motorbikes, planes, etc.) but we also deal in the more obscure projects. Here are a few of the latest and greatest out-of-the-norm wraps Car Wrap City has produced.   Vinyl is great for customizing kids toys (and surprisingly, not all of those "other guys" will even take on projects like this). Having toys means you're having of course it makes sense for your toys to look as exciting as you feel about them! Whether it's a go-kart for racing or personalized "his and...
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Custom-designed decals are a quick, cost-effective mobile marketing solution for work vehicles. Many business owners and employees use their vehicles for both work and personal travel needs. When your ride is pulling double-duty, you might not necessarily want a loud design. Which is why subtle partial wraps are the perfect solution. But don't take our word for it – check out these partial wraps which recently took a spin through the city... Car Wrap City, that is.   Wrapping accent pieces to display company and contact info was a great solution for Trophy Guide Services. Included in this Ford F-150's wrap are logos and lettering on the rocker panels, tailgate, and hood.   Another example of a partial wrap at work is this Ford F-250 for Frisco Roof & Custom Fence. The tailgate is fully wrapped and decals were applied to the doors. Sometimes clients already have a vehicle with...
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American muscle enthusiasts – of both classic and modern body styles – are hard-core when it comes to which brand they stand behind. Of today's more modernized muscle styles, the main contenders are Chevrolet, Dodge and Ford. Fans of each brand thoroughly enjoy pointing out all the reasons why theirs is superior to the others. But it just so happens there is one thing everyone can agree on... Stripes! Muscle cars beg for stripes - racing stripes, side stripes, wide stripes, pinstripes... whatever your preference, there's absolutely no denying the need for accentuation of the sexy, curvaceous bodies that belong to American muscle cars. But why settle for an average stripe kit out of a box when you can have fully customized stripes that hug your vehicle's unique body? Check out some of the recent custom stripes Car Wrap City has created to see for yourself why you shouldn't settle...
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Welcome to Car Wrap City Productions' newest series, the Cityzen Spotlight. We want to pull back the curtain and introduce you to the members of our City – what they do, who they are, and why they are part of the Car Wrap City team. Check back every couple weeks for new interviews. We will also announce them on social media as they are released. If you don't follow us, you can find Car Wrap City on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. First up... Xavier! Xavier is one of Car Wrap City's talented installers. He is a certified installer and trained with famed wrap expert, Justin Pate. Xavier started with us back in June 2012 and has been a vital member of the team ever since. He brings a passion for vehicle wraps, an artistic eye and methodical skill to the install team, and we couldn't be more appreciative...
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Savvy individuals are aware of the power vinyl wraps possess to enhance the look of their vehicles and get them noticed by potential clients. But here's something they may not have considered, until now that is... Wraps are an excellent solution to catch the attention of potential sponsors. When you wrap your vehicle to showcase who you are and who you're backed by, other companies will take notice and recognize that you're a professional who means business. Not only will you appear polished and professional, but also trustworthy due to the commitment your sponsors have shown by proudly displaying their name alongside yours. Sponsorship tags are commonly changed, which can make adjusting the look of a sponsored vehicle a daunting task...unless of course it's been wrapped. For sponsored automobiles (cars, trucks, boats, planes, you name it), changing information in a hurry can be as simple as creating a decal patch for...
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The food truck business has boomed over the last 5 years and is currently one of the most successful and profitable facets of the food services industry. We started spotting a growing number of food trucks in trendy hot spots like LA and Austin in 2008, just as the recession hit. People were guarding their incomes at the time, but splurging on small conveniences like gourmet food and drinks. As we sneak out of the recession, it’s clear that food trucks are here to stay. And who can dismiss the convenience of affordable, delicious food on the go? We certainly enjoy having them around – especially a food truck such as this one, which serves specialty brunch items like chicken and waffles, huevos rancheros and B.L.T’s all day. Most food trucks are wrapped, as painting is expensive, permanent and time consuming. So if you have a concept, a menu, some wheels...
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A new year is upon us, which means it’s almost time for the 2015 DFW Auto Show! The DFW Auto Show in Dallas is always full of excitement with all the new vehicles being shown off by every automotive manufacturer imaginable. But new cars, trucks, and vans aren’t the only things to stir up excitement.   When you visit the aftermarket arena there’s no telling what you may come across….from t-shirts and trinkets to classic cars – and everything in between – there’s something for everyone, including wraps! Wrapping a vehicle in vinyl is a pretty exciting topic. Last year we found ourselves educating new-comers about the world of wraps and wowing onlookers with live demos, and we had even more in store for 2014 DFW Auto Show attendees… giveaways. Car Wrap City giveaways included: A stay for two at the Dallas Omni Hotel – Excited fans picked balloons from...
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In today's consumer-driven world we are surrounded by labels in every imaginable market...from head to toe we wear them, we drive them, we eat get the picture. When we spend the extra money to attain a high-end, highly sought after label, what is the first thing we do? We proudly show it off for all to see! We use labels as a tool to convey an item's value, craftsmanship and quality. But what do these labels actually do for you? Most labels are simply ornamental and serve only to promote the brand they represent. But not here. Our labels serve a different purpose. Yes, we're proud of our work and yes, we love to claim our wraps – however we have a lot more in mind for the businesses that choose to wrap with us, far beyond the label. It's our goal to help show off the stellar vinyl choices...
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There are many reasons clients wish to change the look of their vehicle that don’t involve using them for marketing purposes. Wrapping personal vehicles in a fun, festive design or a sharp, subtle hue is becoming more popular with the growing recognition of vinyl wraps. Here are a couple of the latest “personal” wraps Car Wrap City has had the pleasure of designing and installing. Mustang Before:   Mustang After: As exciting as a lime green Ford Mustang may be at first glance, this client wanted to tone it down with a more subdued color. A wrap can solve many color problems - sometimes tastes change and we just aren’t as hip to loud colors, or the car of our dreams shows up… in our least-favorite paint color, or we find a deal almost too good to be true, but in an unpopular color. Whatever the case, Car Wrap City...
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Small amounts of vinyl can make a huge visual impact - without making a huge impact on your wallet. As an industry leader in the world of vinyl wraps, Car Wrap City specializes in creating custom wraps to fit each individual client’s design needs, as well as budget needs. Here are just a few of our most recent projects… Camouflage always looks great on a golf cart…even more so when it’s a custom camo! This 1995 Ford Thunderbird received matte black accent pieces on the hood and roof in addition to smaller stripes above the front wheel well areas. The classic black really stands out against the Thunderbird’s original paint color. Golf carts also look great with a sleek new outfit, especially when it’s a timeless color like black. Bikes and trikes are already awesomely tough rides…but when you go and add flames the end result is an outrageously cool-looking vehicle!...
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  The holiday season has crept up on us once again and you know what that means…it’s the time of year we all are in search of that perfect gift for a special someone on our list! It’s super easy to head to your local big-name department store and grab a pre-packaged gift basket for Christmas, but is that really a personal enough choice for those you love? Why not think outside the box this year and give the gift of vinyl?       We all have someone on our list who loves to customize their vehicle and make their automobile stand out...or maybe there’s a special someone who recently bought or received a new ride and you’d like to help them make it unique with a touch of stylish flair. Vinyl wraps are a thoughtful, unique gift to really “Wow!” anyone on your list this year!   Customized...
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