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Dallas Plumbing Masters made a smart marketing move when they decided to utilize the mobile real estate provided by their Ford Transit. The white paint makes for a great background for their bright blue logo and the splashes of water are a fun way to accentuate plumbing without being drab. Other info included in this design are the phone number, website and bullet points of services provided. The slogan on the sides and back, “Avoid Disasters Call the Masters” is a great catch phrase. In any professional scenario where you are requesting services, it always pays to go with the masters of each craft. You may save money initially by going with the cheapest bid but in the long run you’ll spend more when the professionals have to fix what those other guys promised but were unable to deliver. Car Wrap City uses only the highest quality materials and machinery in...
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Check out the level of customization on this Suzuki GSX R600! At first glance it’s easy to notice there’s a ton going on with this design so make sure to take a closer look for all the details! The major theme of this look is poker…but with an evil twist! From reapers and flames to wicked members of the court this design by Lewis is sure to make you think twice about pushing your luck.  You’d better hope lady fate dealt you a hand high enough to beat this king… Looks like the Grim Reaper has an ace up his sleeve. So it seems the joke is on you… Joker has a full house.   Want a wicked wrap of your own? Call, go online, or visit one of our offices today to get started! 877-81-WRAPS – Click for a Quote – 877-819-7277  ...
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Travel trailers of all shapes and sizes have become home away from home for many individuals, couples, and families who all share a common interest of hitting the road to take in the sights. If you’re like some, traveling has become a full-time endeavor and your trailer is the one and only place you call home. Customizing these types of trailers, whether they’re working as a part-time or a full-time casa, is a great way to add some personal flair to your unique dwelling. The full wrap on this cute little R-Pod is absolutely groovy baby! When this client came to us, the ideas she had were for hippy flowers and to incorporate some burgundy into the design to coordinate with the vehicle used for pulling it. With this direction in mind, the design was taken totally far out with tons of flowers, peace signs and lettering all in bright...
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Another day…another wrapped box truck! Car Wrap City loves box trucks; they provide a great canvas for the creation of mobile billboards and due to their sensationally straightforward shape, are one of the easiest surfaces for installation. Don’t get us wrong, each of our Avery Dennison Certified Wrap Installers loves a challenge when it comes to unique body shapes but once in a while they appreciate the simplicity a box truck can offer. This custom designed vinyl wrap is a great addition to the smart marketing decisions made by Keith Clay Floors. The wrap includes three full sides of the box, partial coverage on the fourth side and the cab is also wrapped to match. Choosing to boost your marketing strategy by utilizing your mobile real estate is a great way to catch the eye of many potential clients you otherwise might not reach for a much lower cost than stationary...
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Having a vinyl wrap custom designed for one of your favorite toys is always exciting, especially when we’re talking about a boat and summer is in full swing! It can be very difficult to be patient while your custom design is being created but we guarantee it’ll be worth the wait. Making sure your boat is completely “wrap ready” is important to make the wrap process go as smoothly as possible. One thing to watch out for that can completely stall your installation is oxidation…it is a sneaky culprit guilty of derailing the integrity of your wrap. When oxidation is present it creates a surface unsuitable for a vinyl wrap to stick to. It may not begin to peel right away but it will absolutely begin to come up long before it would on a wrap-ready surface. Luckily, oxidation isn’t the end of the world and doesn’t mean you can’t...
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We had the pleasure of working with an awesome organization called the Denison Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) to bring their vibrant wrap vision to life. Trailers are great for hauling a multitude of items and can be for both personal and business use. One of the great things about a vinyl wrap is how highly versatile it can be. Each design is customized to fit each client’s individual needs. Sure, we also offer pre-made patterns but we pride ourselves on our ability to offer a truly unique look for each project. While we’re on the subject of versatility…each one of our designers is a truly unique individual with a design style all their own. Not only is this great for bouncing ideas off one another during the design process, but it also comes in handy when a client comes to us with a rush job and needs multiple looks in a...
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Under the Eiffel Boutique is an adorable shop full of trendy clothes for both ladies and little girls. Although Jennifer, the owner of Under the Eiffel Boutique, had always loved fashion, she got even more passionate about it once she had her little girl. Her daughter was constantly adorned with ruffles, lace, and all things pink – including large bows atop her head - from day one. On a family trip to one of the most beautiful landscapes known to man, Jennifer of course had her daughter dressed to impress. While standing under the Eiffel Tower she was approached by many sightseers who told her how beautiful her daughter was dressed in a multitude of languages. It was that moment she decided if she were to ever own her own boutique, it would be named “Under the Eiffel Boutique” - with a vision to help make every woman look beautiful...
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The majority of vinyl wraps aren't targeted at a younger audience but instead are aimed at adult consumers. As adults we tend to get caught up in the whirlwind of business and marketing...we forget to zone out once in a while and revisit the magical place of our youth known as our imagination. Artists of every classification – including our own graphic artist team – are an exception to this, they dial into their imaginations every day! This custom wrap is an exception to the average wrap – instead of being created to encourage brand recognition and loyalty, it was designed to excite the curiosity of kids! Mr. Rucker of Rodeo Rucker encourages smiles and laughter when performing for children at carnivals and festivals, so he needed a whimsical background to help him with the show. Having a large trailer to transport all items needed for putting on a great show...
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When your business is part of an ever-expanding industry, in this case vehicle customization, you truly never know which type of vehicle to expect next. We make connections with businesses that span every industry - from service repair, home building and pest control, to realty, race cars and famous sports teams. And then there are the rare dishes who walk through your doors… Meet Darren McGrady – personal chef, professional caterer and cookbook author extraordinaire. You may think he’s one of a million other chefs here in Dallas but don’t be fooled, this man knows his way around a kitchen and can whip up a meal fit for a queen. And as a matter of fact, he has! Darren has held the title of Personal Chef for 15+ years, cooking for royals such as Queen Elizabeth II, the late Princess Diana, Prince William, Prince Harry and five US Presidents. After so...
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Vinyl wraps are highly sought after for their versatility, affordability, and lack of permanence. These three characteristics make them perfect for any individual or business that wants to customize the look of their vehicle. In some cases, an individual IS the business…for instance, this wrap to promote Kaylee Rutland’s music. Kaylee is a young up-and-coming country musician from Flower Mound, Texas, who loves to write and sing about anything and everything that matters and is inspiring. She’s already been touring around playing gigs all over the Lone Star State and even a few outside our borders, so she really needed to be able to spread the word about her tunes everywhere she goes. Choosing to wrap her tour van with a design similar to her website allows for uniform branding across multiple platforms as well as encourages brand recognition. With a design already dreamed up, Ivie & Associates, Inc. came to...
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Tam is one of Car Wrap City's expert designers. Having joined our team in October 2014, Tam has taken wrap design by the horns and impressed us all with his proficiency and creativity. We don't hire ordinary, we hire extraordinary. Tam's artistic skill and design capabilities will land him among the veterans and legends of the wrap industry in due time. He has risen to the challenge our heavy workload can bring, and has handled himself with professionalism and exhibited a thorough work ethic. An accomplished artist, Tam had our respect before he was hired - but he has earned the deep respect of his fellow designers and the whole Car Wrap City family by working hard and furthering the business with his dedication, passion and commitment to perfection. ...
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With more than 70 years in the business, Quigley Heating and Air is a staple in the Dallas community. Founded by Sheldon F. Quigley in 1944, the business has grown from a one-man operation to a business big enough to handle a small fleet of vehicles... which is where we come in. Quigley Heating and Air recently brought two service trucks to Car Wrap City for a custom vinyl makeover to unify their fleet and show off their brand. These two trucks might look the same at first glance, but they are actually different models  – a 2010 F150 Long Bed and a 2013 Toyota Tacoma Extended Cab. By wrapping this fleet, Quigley is cultivating a recognizable brand wherever they drive, fill-up, service and park. The partial wraps on these trucks utilize bright red to demand a double take, while the cool pup sets them apart with a fluffy mascot....
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In the busy world of realty, it’s important to showcase not only a name but also a face to potential clients so they know who to go to for any realty needs they may have. Choosing to wrap a vehicle with your name, portrait, and the specialty services you excel in is a smart marketing choice to boost your recognition and create an instant sense of rapport with clients. Johnnie Wood of Keller Williams realty knows all about the importance of creating a professional and inviting image – her mission statement “Your vision is my mission, so hire me and consider it done!” expresses a desire to envision your task as complete once placed in her care. Car Wrap City shares a similar viewpoint in that when you trust your custom designs to our experienced, innovative design professionals you can consider the hard part done! Johnnie wanted to keep the vinyl...
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No matter what age your vehicle is, if it has been well cared for and kept clean, it will retain that new car sheen. Sometimes though…life has a habit of getting in the way of doing things we need to do and cleaning the car winds up on the back burner…but there’s a solution for that! Car Buff Mobile Detailing recently came to Car Wrap City to add some pep in their mobile marketing vehicle, which also happens to be their service van. The design needed to be clear about which services are offered, boldly show off their contact info, and include some vibrant, fun design elements. With the word “buff” in the name, adding some serious muscle to this wrap was a no-brainer, and we did it with bright, eye-catching colors. The owner of this freshly wrapped 2001 Ford Econoline van knows exactly how important it is to keep your...
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Campaigning for office is a perfect opportunity to make use of the marketing power of a vinyl wrap. Whether you’re campaigning for president of the schoolboard or president of the United States, a vinyl wrap with your name, campaign slogan, and/or your photo is sure to have constituents recalling your name at the ballot box. Tom Watt, who is running for Sheriff, decided that using wraps for his campaign would be the perfect way to get recognition for his cause. Included in his mini-fleet of vehicles to be wrapped are: a 2011 Chevrolet Malibu, a 2009 GMC Arcadia, and a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. The theme designed for each vehicle is as similar as the body styles would allow, each using a red, white, and blue color scheme while keeping the look clean and simplistic.   Each vehicle received a custom-designed partial wrap perfectly fit for the individual body styles. The...
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Vinyl wraps come in many shapes and sizes – from tiny accent pieces to full wraps on planes, trains, and automobiles. Versatility is one of the great things about vinyl, there are different types to fit each specialized project. One such unique use is a wall wrap. The Allen Event Center contacted us in need of a design for a wall mural to go in one of the many buildings of the city. Knowing vinyl used for installation on vehicles wouldn’t be the best fit, Car Wrap City’s production manager made the decision to use MacTac RoughRap vinyl material. Using the appropriate material for each type of project makes a huge difference in the quality and lifespan of a wrap – if the wrong material is used, it is unlikely your design will continue to look its best from installation to removal. Not only is it important to be able to...
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You know your designers are talented when… Car Wrap City is beyond blessed with a highly talented team of designers but it’s an extra pat on the back to know a client has tracked down a specific member of the team - even across state lines! You may recall Tyson Summers from his recent Cityzen Spotlight as a goofy, fun-loving guy, but when it comes to design he creates some seriously awesome work! After previously working with Tyson some years back, the owners of this trailer were determined to find him again for yet another awesome design for their food service vinyl wraps. With only a few specifications, Tyson set to work designing a custom look for both their 2005 Ford E350 and trailer. The company being showcased by this vinyl is Slow Groovin BBQ and, as the design creatively depicts, you can see they offer barbecue chicken, pork, and beef (as...
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With all the rain falling on Texas lately, taking to the sky might not be a bad idea! Piloting your own aircraft is exciting but there's a way to make it an even more enjoyable experience. How is that possible you ask? By flying in style! Choosing to wrap all or part of your personal aircraft is a great way to add some flair, especially if you go with a customized design. Before: The owner of this maroon Comanche 250 wanted to add some pizazz to his plane but didn't want to completely cover his paint, so he chose to wrap the nose and the tail. The initial design direction started with yellow and orange "60s" style flames but soon shifted to more of a real flame look. In order to get correct measurements and really see what coverage the client was interested in, the designer in charge of this...
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Perforated material, or “perf” is a great way to jazz up your windows without losing visibility. Just like solid vinyl materials, specially-designed perf is completely customizable for all your design needs so dressing up your vehicle, storefront, or office windows is no problem. When applied to storefront windows and doors, perf allows customers to be wowed by an eye-catching design without obstructing the view from the inside. The same can be said for vehicle application as well. And as an added bonus, the perf even acts as a light tint while still showcasing your design. This is achieved through its design, which includes tiny holes throughout the vinyl so as to appear opaque from the outside while allowing visibility from the inside. It’s a great solution for business marketing needs. These perf-projects are just a few examples of what you can do with this material. If you’re considering using perforated material...
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Dreaming up unique auction items for a charitable event is a great opportunity to think outside the box, especially if you can create something that allows for permanent placement of your company information. Any event can be turned into a marketing opportunity, but making sure it’s done in a tactful way is the key to success. We recently wrapped this fire extinguisher for Tyco to use as an auction item. As the world’s largest pure-play fire and security company, it made perfect sense for one of the items donated to be a customized fire extinguisher. The first of many items to be wrapped for upcoming events was this extinguisher with custom flames for the Cedar Hill Chamber Derby. Both the event name and the sponsor information are printed onto the Avery Dennison vinyl wrap material, as well as the event host and location. Thanks to our high-end Mutoh printers, the details...
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