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School spirit plays a major role in the lives of many who are involved in the education system: students, teachers, volunteers, and why shouldn't the school busses be included? NCTA had this bus wrapped in the school colors and mascot theme, the Pioneers.   Whether you want the entire bus to be covered with your school colors or have only decals designed to represent your mascot and school name, Car Wrap City has you covered. Wraps are a great solution for adding flair to school busses without having to worry about making a permanent decision (like paint). This DeSoto Eagles bus had decals installed over its existing paint job. It's common for busses to be sold after being in the route rotation, which means the next school or facility may not appreciate a permanent paint job. When you choose to wrap instead of paint, this becomes a moot point...
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A vehicle with a color change wrap becomes a horse of a different color... or in this particular case, several hundred horses. This beautiful Porsche Panamera underwent a transformation from dark blue to sleek, sophisticated gloss black with carbon fiber accents. The owner teetered between a light icy blue vinyl and this gloss black, and both vinyl colors on this car looked stunning. In this case it's simply a matter of individual taste. Some people prefer a class look, while other prefer a loud colorful vehicle. We cater to all! Which color will you choose for your wrap? Call 877-81-WRAPS today and let us help create your very own "horse" of a different color....
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Once in a while, Car Wrap City is asked to design and install an especially unique project. This custom RC Crawler definitely fits that category with the new, full wrap it recently received. The owner of this bad boy had a few design directions for his CWC designer to follow... The "RC Fabworks" logo needed to be placed on the sides along with a pin-up style nurse. During the design process it was discovered that this was no ordinary nurse, she was in fact the nurse of Dr. Evil. The initial instructions for the hood wrap were to create a "skull with a shredded up surgical mask and teeth showing" but later morphed into surgeon-creature with the requested shredded mask and teeth. To add design flair and tie it all together, the images were placed on a black background with blood red splotches and skulls throughout. Upon seeing the project's...
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By taking advantage of your real estate, you're making a savvy business decision...and by "real estate" we certainly don't mean to limit the definition to the land on which your office sits! Your business real estate encompasses not only the land and office space you own, but also any company vehicles you may use as well. TAPS knows all about working their real estate to get the best bang for their buck. Throughout the year, TAPS constantly revolves advertisements on the sides of their cars, vans and busses. This approach allows them to work with multiple local businesses each year, which helps them expand their marketing reach exponentially. Call Car Wrap City today at 877-81-WRAPS and see how we can boost your marketing reach via mobile real estate....
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Car Wrap City has teamed up with 360[it] to produce another eye-catching mobile billboard. The chosen look for this Nissan Versa may not be as brightly colored as some of our other designs, but the branding is cohesive with their style. With all eyes focused on their bold yellow and white logo, you can bet this car will make a lasting impression. This full-wrap is equipped with clean, crisp logos as well as easy-to-read information regarding who 360[it] is and what they do. Incorporating clear, concise imagery and information into your design is the key to embedding your business into the minds of potential customers who are seeing your commercial wrap. Keeping it "short and sweet" as opposed to having massive amounts of text makes your business much easier to remember when would-be customers are shopping for your services. No matter what your marketing style may be... "loud and proud"...
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        Avery Dennison 2014 "Wrap Like a King" Challenge Winners Announced Tuesday, October 14, 2014 Press release from the issuing company Avery Dennison has announced that "Tramontana R - Kicks N Whipz" by Bruno Dede from Metro Signs, Inc./Metro Wrapz, won the Judges' Choice Award grand prize and "Full Wrap on a Dodge Viper" by Scott Bechtel from Car Wrap City won the Fan Favorite Award grand prize in the "Wrap Like a King" Challenge featuring Avery Dennison® Supreme Wrapping Films. "We're thrilled to have won the Judge's Choice Award! We were looking to create a unique design using a combination of Avery Dennison® Supreme Wrapping Films, Digital Supercast Films and overlaminates and that's what we did," said Dede. "For Tramontana R, we were inspired by Dwyane Wade's latest sneaker design. With all the contours of this vehicle, we really wanted the wrap to echo those elements of...
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Choosing a new color for your vehicle can be an exciting yet daunting task, especially when you begin to consider all the color possibilities. Not only are there hundreds of pre-made vinyl colors to choose from, but we can custom print any color of the rainbow as well. Once you've chosen a color, you must then decide if you want a gloss, satin, or matte finish - which can be another difficult decision, but not impossible since they all look stellar once installed. It's important to also consider the door jams, the lip around the trunk, and any other small interior places that might expose the original paint color. Will the color you've chosen compliment the original paint, or will you want those areas wrapped too? (For more information on full wrap vs complete wrap click here.) So now that you're a little more familiar with what to expect when...
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"Partial wrap" can be a confusing term when it comes to vinyl coverage expectations so we're here to help clarify. The term "partial wrap" can be used to describe any wrap that doesn't cover 100-percent of the vehicle, but covers more than cut vinyl and/or decals. If you are considering a partial wrap, make sure you are as specific as possible when you call for a quote so we can give you the best, most accurate price possible. If you're in doubt, we welcome you to bring your vehicle to one of our locations (Carrollton or Sherman) and let us help with the decision process. One of the advantages of having a partial wrap designed for your vehicle is that in most cases, you can get that full wrap "feel" without a full wrap pricetag – which is great if you're on a tight budget. The Car Wrap City design team...
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Having vinyl decals installed is the quickest, most cost effective way to transform your vehicle. Although we have a lot of requests from businesses, decals most definitely aren't limited to commercial vehicles...they're becoming increasingly popular for small modifications to personal vehicles as well. The Chevrolet "bowtie" decals on this Monte Carlo are a great example of decals used for personal vehicles. The owner wanted to add an extra touch of branding to his ride without going too bold. These small decals were the perfect fit. For those who have experience with vinyl installation (or if you're just feeling froggy and want to give it a go) we offer design and printing services. These barracuda decals were designed and printed by Car Wrap City but will be installed by the customer. Decals aren't limited to being small. MosquitoNix recently had us install some larger decals of their logos on the sides, rear,...
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There are two types of "full" wraps. There are full exterior wraps that cover every inch of visible paint when the vehicle's doors, hood and trunk are closed. There are also "complete" full wraps, which include wrapping inside the door jams, inner doorframes, and sills – this level of vehicle coverage is recommended for those who want a truly full color change. And that's what the owner of this Rolls Royce Ghost wanted. He wanted his originally white car to be transformed to a gloss and matte black car. BEFORE: To accomplish an extensively detailed color change like this, we opt to remove all possible parts so that our installers can wrap every inch of visible paint and install the vinyl seamlessly. We also like to avoid using a blade to trim the vinyl on a vehicle whenever possible. Removing certain parts creates an area to trim the vinyl and...
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Full color and custom graphic wraps have been around for years, and their popularity is only growing. However, full wraps aren't always an option when trying to keep costs low - but sharp styling is still possible with accent wraps. Accent wraps provide a custom look by making use of the existing paint on a vehicle and installing strategically placed pieces of vinyl. This results in a commanding statement without the higher expense of a full wrap. One of the most popular vehicle parts to wrap is the roof. A roof wrap is a subtle addition that adds flair and dimension, without taking away from the true style of the vehicle. As you can see from these two vehicles, there are multiple installation possibilities to keep your vehicle more extraordinary than ordinary. On this BMW 328i, we wrapped the top portion of the roof in gloss black vinyl, giving it a...
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Making the decision to purchase a wrap can be tough when you already have a beautiful paint job like this BMW K1200 RS. Loving your paint doesn't mean you must forego wrapping. In fact, adding accent colors or designs in prime areas of your vehicle can instead make your paint look even more pristine. Before having a wrap installed, this paint job was gorgeous, but now the bold, "BMW blue" hue is illuminated even more. Our client said he wanted certain parts of the bike covered (portions with small patches of road rash), but left the design up to us – he only specified "no angular points". Car Wrap City helped accentuate this bike's beauty by adding silver metallic vinyl pieces along the already voluptuous body curves. The silver works well alongside the bike's mechanics to help tie everything together. BEFORE:   AFTER: If you've had the desire to freshen...
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Color change wraps are a quick, inexpensive alternative to purchasing a high-end paint job when you're ready for a transformation. Unfortunately, change is one of those things life sometimes decides to hand you whether you like it or not. Instead of waiting for life to happen, why not take control and create your own change? Wrapping your vehicle in a new hue allows you to have the look and feel of a brand new ride - without the expensive price tag. This Mercedes rolled into the Car Wrap City bay navy blue, but when we delivered it to the customer, he barely recognized his now grey matte exterior. Before and after: Our client chose to spruce up his Mercedes C63 with a full Avery Dennison Charcoal Matte Metallic vinyl wrap. He also made the decision to have a few accent pieces wrapped with Avery Dennison's Matte Black. Once completed, this car...
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Don't let this tiny canvas fool you...the Fiat 500 is an excellent vehicle to have wrapped for all your business marketing needs. State Farm Insurance agent Nat McClure has recognized that the exposure potential is limitless when zooming around town in this cute coupe. But it doesn't stop there - scoping out a strategic parking place is also a great way to turn heads and get noticed without expending much effort. The wrap works for you wherever you go. With a business wrap on your vehicle, you can gain access to customers who may not otherwise see your stationary advertisements. Potential sightings can include rolling down the highway, sitting in traffic, parking in front of the office, running personal errands... the possibilities are endless. Your wrap works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year for a fraction of the cost of just one "prime location"...
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Having the ability to print detailed designs on vinyl using large, top-notch printers really makes a difference in the final outcome of a wrap. When companies try to piece together vinyl that has been printed on smaller hardware, visible seams are often the result - and that cheapens the look of your wrap. Luckily, Car Wrap City took care of this wrap for the Rick Fairless "Strokers Dallas" merchandise van, and big seams are no where to be seen. When you have a custom design this wild and colorful, the last thing you want people to notice are panel lines. Instead, you want everyones attention drawn to the intricate detail and bold colors of the design. Especially in the case of a company vehicle, you want your logos and business information to be eye-catching, not divided by multiple seams. Loud, misplaced seams can give the impression of poor quality and can...
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Vinyl wraps come in all shapes and sizes; from the most minuscule spaces to larger than life places - we wrap it all. Each business can yield their own unique marketing opportunities. When you stop and think about it, the lobby alone contains a number of spaces to brand and make your own, including: doors, walls, tables, reception desks, floors, and windows....the list goes on. So many of Car Wrap City's clients are catching on to this unique branding opportunity and are jumping aboard the wrap marketing train. When you have a space with as many windows as Poof-Slinky, the advertising options are limitless. As you can see, Poof-Slinky has chosen to wrap each window to represent a different product they have on the market. With bright pops of color and sharp branding logos, patrons will hardly be able to miss the shop. Another approach to consider when wrapping business windows...
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Camo is no longer exclusive to trucks; these days you'll find it just about everywhere from bikes and guns, to ATVs and yes, you guessed Take a peek at this 2006 Chrysler 300c fully wrapped with an "oak ambush hunter" camo pattern...if you can spot it! Full-camo wrapped luxury vehicles might just be the thing to turn country camo into a more refined, couture look. If all-over camouflage is too much for you, there are many other available options for wrapping subtle accent pieces. From bumper to bumper, any combination of accent pieces you want wrapped is possible, which means the options are endless. Car Wrap City has many pre-made camo patterns available in a multitude of colors; check out for swatches, or give us a call at 877-81-WRAPS to see what custom pattern our design team can create for your unique camo needs....
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Car Wrap City recently gave a fresh, patriotic makeover to American Roofing & Construction’s 2010 Chevy Silverado company vehicle. The customer’s only request of our design team was to simply “include the American flag” which is proudly displayed across the truck in its entirety. Americans (and especially Texans) are known for our pride so we had to make sure this wrap, like every other wrap we design, would be something our client would be proud show off. Alongside the great American flag sits a bald eagle, another regal American symbol easily recognized by any American to further accentuate the client’s name: American Roofing & Construction. Our highly skilled designers really know how to translate a company’s name onto the canvas that is your vehicle. Not every company name lends itself to a design as obvious as “American”, but with even the most unique company names, they have the will (and...
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Whether you own or lease, Clear Wraps paint protection is a great way to protect your investment from scratches, stains and chipping. Damaged paint can quickly reduce the value of your vehicle, not to mention it's an eyesore. In the case of a minor abrasion, clear films can save you the trouble of repainting or repairing your vehicle's exterior. We can help prevent paint damage on your vehicle. But if you need more convincing, here are the important points: You like the color of your vehicle, you keep it. The best part about a Clear Wrap is that the thin, practically invisible film allows you to enjoy your car's natural paint finish. The paint protection film we use is a proprietary, self-healing top-coat formulation that is scratch and crack resistant with a clear finish. This is Texas, we have a lot of highways. No matter how often you take your car...
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